Aapke Aa Jane Se 13th September 2018 Episode Watch Online


  1. Reema
    September 13, 15:34 Reply

    Sahil can’t think bari amma’s Story doesn’t make any science
    Vedika does not know ved is her child
    Deepak admit he put child in vedika’s crib
    Right after terriost thing happened and soon she got better she told everyone she still does not know ved is her child
    How lawer and barima said after 5 year everything will be ved vedika c ant claim prosperity
    No one give property right to 5 year so
    Can’t sahil figure it out. Barima saying that and right this minut lawer comes yash hated bari amma how bariamma know yash has a will
    Sahil is really acting like high school dumb kid

  2. SJ
    September 13, 15:28 Reply

    Make me so sick sahil is so dumb, he should try to find himself what is going on rather he is cursing vedika
    Rediclious a woman gone thru so much she is running pregnant in Jain running with her child to save her and her child and sahil keep cursing her

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