Bepannaah 9th October 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 9th October 2018 Written Update by Sharddasharma392

Bepannaah 9th October 2018 Written Episode

Zoya get up and doesn’t find aditya. She goes inside washroom and find yash sitting in blood water.. He repeat how do you like marrying the person who killed 🔪me.. Zoya get up shocked 😱as it turned out to be her dream. She goes to washroom and wash her face. Aditya bring tea and think how to address zoya like mrs. Aditya hooda, mrs zoya, wife and finally settle on saying dear wife.. He say dear wife its our first morning after marriage. Zoya say she is coming in minute. Aditya realise zoya doesn’t drink tea and goes to bring coffee☕.. Zoya think not to let her bad dreams to over power her present. She comes out wearing red saree and was looking soo prety..😍😍😍 (who bathe in one minute😆😆)

Aditya get memerize seeing her and try to get romantic.. Zoya make him side

saying she need to get ready, but aditya say lets drink bed coffee☕, zoya ask bed coffee? Aditya as you don’t drink tea so bed coffee☕. Zoya take coffee and say she try to go in kitchen for her rasoi rasam, but aditya doesn’t let her go.. She say she learnt during her event that this rasam bring family relation near. She ask him to get out as she need fo get ready, but he say let me see my wife. Aditya say Maa and push him out of room.
Zoya goes in kitchen and ask for likes and dislikes but victor say we shall make, so zoya plan to cook halwa. She take milk from fridge and aditya come. He ask cooks to go out and both try to make hawla while aditya get romantic but suddenly message beeps. Zoya get tensed but it turned out of noor on aditya mobile. Aditya say that noor is not ready to listen. He add that noor is stubburn like zoya. Zoya calls📱 her saying she will listen to her appi but noor cut her call.

Wasim get happy🙂 saying that he is happy that Noor doesn’t pick zoya call. (Noor is not happy listening to it.) Roshnaq say that she is your appi talk to her. Noor say she behaved and insulted abbu and due to her he went jail, roshnaq say zoya was unware of it. Noor say i shall not talk📱 to her and goes from there. Wasim is happy🙂 hearing that.

Zoya gets sad 😢and keep on adding sugar in halwa.. Aditya stop her saying till we both are together we shall make everything right. I promise to set everything right amd will keep on trying.. He hold her face and say that like zoya got his full family, I will to get her full family by her side… Zoya smiles🙂 and aditya try to get romantic but than both make halwa.

At dining table Harsh say that sweet smell is coming and aditya say zoya made halwa for her rasoi rasam. Zoya serve to everyone.. But Anjana say she doesn’t like.. Arjun praises Halwa… Harsh ask but why she cooked? Zoya replies that she thought that it will be good to start relations with sweet. Anjana stare at her. Anjana say she will ask cook to cook something for me.

Aditya say yes you may as we shall end whole halwa, then anajana say if you all insist I shall take little bit. Zoya serve her, she likes it but say sugar is extra, but harsh say its fine. Anjana goes from there.

Arjun ask Aditya to feed halwa to Zoya bhabhi. Zoya feel shy but she eat and arjun ask her to feed to aditya too… 😍Anjana looks them from far… Harsh say to victor to take leave as now who will like food cooked by you, when zoya make it declious food.. (but i wonder 🤔zoya was really bad cook when shown in start, so since when she started to cook declious food😆)…

Anjana say she took over my family… Anjana get call from one of her friend who ask her for muhu dikhayi rasam, first anajana denies but later cut call stating I shall call📱 you again… She goes near dining table and say that her friends are asking that I brought new bahu so do muhu dikhayi, and I said i didn’t bring but my son got new wife.. So if his wife give permission shall we keep muhu dikhayi rasam…. Aditya is about to speak but zoya stop him and say she need not to take any permission from me… Harsh say now atleast house will have happiness🙂… Arjun say that you are not allowed in ladies function… Harsh say you will not understand… He get up and ask zoya that he always wanted a daughter, if he gift her saree will she wear.?? Zoya say that I am your daughter first then Bahu of this house.. Harsh blesses her.. Anjana remembers how Aditya took side of zoya always and was ready to leave house..

Precap: Zoya get ready to Muhu Dikhayi rasam, Aditya prasises her and try to get romantic. Zoya drink juice🥤…

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