Chandragupta Maurya 12th July 2019 Written Update

Chandragupta Maurya 12th July 2019 Written Update by MA

Chandragupta Maurya 12th July 2019 Written Episode

Chandragupta with Durdhara and Tarini throws smoke bomb and once soldiers fall unconscious pick keys and frees Malayketu and 14 janpad kings’ children. Malay says Chandragupta freed them from here, but how will they go out. Chandragupta asks how Dhananand used to come and go. Malayketu points at wall in front. Chandragupta pushes wall and finds a secret route. He reminisces it heads to Dhananand’s room. He asks Durdhara to go and make sure nobody is around Dhananand’s room while he brings children there. She goes outside Dhananand’s room and scolds soldiers to go and guard her room. Soldiers say what about her boydguard. Durdhara says she does not like Ambhi Kumar and does not consider him as her bodyguard. She returns to jail and asks Chandragupta to hurry up.

Ambhi Kumar knocks Durdhara’s door and asks Durdhara to open door. Soldier opens door and says Durdhara is near king’s room. Ambhi Kumar walks there and seeing Tarini with Chandragupta and Durdhara and children says Tarini is acting as Dhananad’s special guest, but is actually Chandragupta’s spy; he will expose her truth to king. Chandragupta brutally trashes him for touching Durdhara lustfully, troubling her, trying to marry her forcefully, etc. He is about to kill Ambhi Kumar when Tarini makes Ambhi Kumar unconscious and says if he kills Ambhi Kumar, they will be doubted, so she will drag Ambhi Kumar and hide him while Chandragupta rescues children out.
At weapon making area, Avanti king serves liquor to Dhananand and Rastrapal like a servant. Dhananand laughs that a king became slave in son’s love. Sthul waits on other side of tunnel door which heads outside palace. Chandragupta sends Avanti king’s son into tunnel and asks him to never look back. Tarini drags Ambhi Kumar when Amartya walks with soldiers searching Ambhi Kumar. He stops hearing Ambhi Kumar murmuring Tarini and rushes towards him. Tarini hides. Ambhi Kumar says Tarini in king’s room and collapses. Amartya gets suspicious and rushes towards Dhananand’s room. Tarini rushes before him and informs that Amartya is coming here. Chandragupta sends children with Tarini back to jail and closes tunnel door. Avanti prince gets out and thinks Chandragupta closed door and will not send any more children. He also gets into tunnel. Amartya walks in and asks Durdhara what is she doing here. She says she comes here to remember her good old days. Amartya sees everything is normal and walks away. Chandragupta comes out and asks Durdhara to get him a strong magnet.

Chanakya asks his team to create heavy smoke around Dhananand’s army to make them blind for sometime. He throws message in front off Avanti king. King reads that his son has been rescued and he should come behind mountain and see his son. King meets Chanakya and asks why did he fill a false hope in him. Chanakya says Chandragupta must be bringing Avanti raj’s son and other 13 janpad’s kings children. Sthul returns on cab. Chanakya realizes Chandragupta changed his plan. Avanti king says he will not inform Chanakya’s plan to Dhananand walks when his son comes out of cab and calls him. He emotionally hugs his son and agrees to help Chanakya against Dhananand. Tarini steals magnet from Dhananand’s cart on Durdhara’s advice and asks her why does Dhananand keeps magnet in his cart. Durdhara says for astrological reasons. Dhananand’s soldiers fix a crucifying pole to crucify Malayketu. Chandragupta notices that and draws his plan. Durdhara hands him magnet and asks what he will do with it. Chandragupta says Chanakya has taught him to use different things as weapons and he will save Malayketu at any cost.

Dhananand walks into jail and asks guards to chain Malayketu and take him for crucification. He sees something is different. Malayketu says he does not see fear in these children’s eyes as they know they will be freed soon. Dhananand gets angry and orders soldiers to drag him away. Chanakya creates smoke making Magadh soldiers blind for sometime. Soldiers panic and run searching enemies. Sthul gets mesmerized seeing new weapons. Soldiers return and attack him.
Avanti king protects him from Magadh soldiers. Rastrapal angrily shouts. Chanakya from behind says his real enemy is here. Dhananand orders soldiers to tie Malayketu to crucifying pole. Tarini joins Dhananand and taunts him that he is feeling proud to kill a child. Dhananand says he loves a person with great intensity and hates with same intensity. Chandragupta meets Durdhara and promises to be hers forever. Even she promises same. He says they will meet soon. On the other side, Chanakya uses Rastrapal’s anger as his weapon and provokes him to get more anger. Soldiers then surround Rastrapal. Chanakya kicks Rastrapal into fire it saying he burnt in anger his whole life and now should burn alive in fire. Rastrapal shouts before burning into ashes.

Precap: Dhananand shouts he gave 1 day for Chandragupta to submit himself, now Malayketu will be dead. Amartya orders soldier to kill Malayketu. Arrows head towards Malayketu.

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