Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th February 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th February 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 4th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rukmini asking Rani what does she think of Rivaaj? Internet goes, but when it comes, Rivaaj hears Rani telling that she can never think of all this as Anjali is engaged to Rivaaj. They shout seeing a lizard. Rivaaj thinks Anjali is a problem. He comes to meet his friend. His friend asks if he is enjoying with camera. Rivaaj says no and tells that he has a question for them. He asks who fits with me, Anjali or Rani. The friend thinks Anjali is official Bhabhi and Rani is heart bhabhi. He says you shall not select both. Rivaaj asks if he wants him to be a bachelor all life. His friend tells that Anjali is rich for his status and Rani is for his heart, and asks him to keep his love for both, and asks if his wide love needs more. Rivaaj says you have become wiser. His

friend says Rani will not become the second woman and says she will not agree. Rivaaj looks on.
Rani’s mother asks her to go and take order in the evening. Rani says she will do. Her mother goes. Rani calls Raghav, but his phone is unanswerable. She thinks how is he? Just then he calls her on a video call and tells that whenever he drinks juice, he gets unwell. Rani says maybe you are allergic to it. Raghav asks if she thinks she has an unwell friend. Rani says no and tells that she told Rukmini di that she has a smart friend. Song plays….

Rivaaj calls Anjali on a date. She says she doesn’t know that he was so romantic. Rivaaj asks if she wants to fly and says he wants to make her aeroplane. He takes her near the river and swirls her. Anjali asks what is he doing? She asks him not to do this and says she is afraid of water. Rivaaj then dances with her and tries to make her fall down. Anjali asks what is he doing? He thinks of Rani’s words. Anjali says she is very scared of water and asks him to take her up. Rivaaj takes her up and asks her to get habitual to it. He says he shows tragedy and thinks of comedy. Anjali asks if I had died then? Rivaaj says if anything happens to you then what would have happened to my life. Anjali hugs him and says you are so good Rivaaj. They go to the table. She reads a letter and asks whose handwriting is this, like an ant. Rivaaj says it is my handwriting, but nobody can understand. He tells that he has written a script for his college play and asks her if she can write.

Anjali says of course I will help you. Rivaaj asks her to write that there is nothing left for her in this world. And that’s why I am going to end my life. He tells Anjali that the heroine ends her life at the end. Anjali is shocked and writes the letter. He asks her to write Anjali at the end. Anjali is surprised. He says when he thought of this story, it was sweet so he named the character Anjali, but his friends change the story so this heroine has to die. Anjali looks on. Rivaaj says if you don’t want then its ok, I will change heroine name. Anjali says its ok, I will write Anjali, you are just using my name. Rivaaj takes the letter in his hand and hugs Anjali. He asks her not to leave him till her last breath.

Rani is on the way and thinks she forgot to tell Anjali that she left for her house. She messages her that she is on the way to her home. Anjali thinks what did I do in last birth that I got life partner like Rivaaj…She gets Rani’s message and replies to her that she came near the mountains and will get late. Rani thinks what she is doing there and messages that she will come there near Sughand restaurant. Anjali thinks it is a good idea, and thinks to go there with Rivaaj. Just then Rivaaj puts the rope on her neck and laughs.

Precap: Rivaaj kills Anjali and is hanging her, when Rani comes there. Rivaaj sees her and lifts Anjali’s body and is about to throw her in the river.

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