Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th February 2019 Written Update

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th February 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 7th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivraj and Rivaaj running to Raghav. Rivaaj hugs Raghav. Shivraj comes to him and hugs him to pacify. Raghav tells that he saw the same dream, a woman pushed…and is about to tell but Rivaaj’s mother stops him. Shivraj asks Rivaaj to be with Raghav and leaves. Rivaaj asks Mama to make Raghav have the lolly pop. Rani asks her mum not to go. Her mum asks if something happened? Rani thinks of Rivaaj and tells her mum to think of her safety. Mum says Rukmani is coming with me. Dadi asks them to drop her to temple. Rani tells them that she will come with them, but Rukmani asks her to stay at home and receives her dress courier which will be delivered today. Rani says ok and gets scared. Rivaaj gives lolly pop to Raghav and competes with him. He says he likes to defeat

from him as he loves him so much. Raghav finishes drugged lollypop first and says I have won. He faints. Rivaaj and his mum cover blanket on him. Rani is scared and asks herself not to worry.
Mum and Rukmani come home. Rani hugs her. Rukmani asks what did she see? Rani is about to tell her Rivaaj when some goons enter there. They tease Rani and Rukmani. Dadi asks them to leave from her house. They ask for water. Rukmani gives them bottle and tells that she will call Police. Goon says we will call. He calls Inspector and asks if the sweets reached him. Inspector asks him to tell if there is anything to be done. The goon laughs. Mum threatens goon and asks them to leave from there. Goons misbehave with Rani and Rukmani. Rani asks them to leave and asks if they treat their mother the same way. The goons call her Jhansi ki Rani and tries to misbehave with her, when Rivaaj enters there breaking the door and asks goon if he will misbehave with his Jaan shocking Rani, Rukmani and their mum. He beats the goons and asks them to shoot at him. Rani hugs her mum and is scared. Rivaaj continues to beat the goon asking him if he will touch his Jaan, harm her etc. His friends come there and ask Rivaaj to stop else the goon will die. He acts and tells the goon if he will touch his Jaan Anjali. His friend tells him that Anjali is not here, and Rani is here. Rivaaj acts and rubs his eyes. He apologizes to Rani.

Rukmani says I called you for help. His friend tells that he brought him home from the fort and tells that he proposed someone yesterday thinking her to be Anjali. Rukmani and their mum are thankful to Rivaaj. Dadi blesses him for long life. Rivaaj acts to be depressed and says long life blessing is looking like a curse. He says he will send the carpenter and asks them not to worry. He says nobody will go or come without my permission. He asks Rukmani to call him if needed. He leaves. Rani hugs her mum and cries.

Rukmani and mum clean the floor. Rukmani says she didn’t understand first when Rivaaj called jaan to Rani. Rani thinks if Rivaaj did all that thinking her to be Anjali. Rukmani is messaging someone and stops seeing Rani. She asks her to knock before coming. Rani asks since when…She tells her everything about Rivaaj. Rukmani asks her not to doubt Rivaaj and says he might have thought you as Anjali. Rani tells her that Rivaaj’s behavior was strange and it was not love, but something strange, which can’t be explained. Rukmani gets a message and goes out to message him. Rani looks on.

Rivaaj tells Pappu that dramebaazi is over. He goes to Rani’s room and looks at Rani who is sleeping.

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