Guddan 12th January 2019 Written Update

Guddan 12th January 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 12th January 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Guddan comes downstairs and says he didn’t come. Dadi says so angry for us one juice spill? The guests say I don’t think AJ would come. Guddan says you can give me the blessings for him and I will give it to him. Durga says what are you doing? Dadi says Guddan is right. She says I will give Guddan the blessings first. Dadi says AJ you left your wife alone. Laxmi gives Dadi the thaali. Dadi is about to start the ritual. AJ comes and sits with Guddan. Everyone is dazed. AJ says someone said I should do things for other too. He says to Guddan I wore the shirt you gave as sorry. Durga wonders AJ in this color? Is he falling for her? What is happening. Dadi says this color suits you a lot. I am glad you came. Dadi does their arti. Dadi says AJ I am so happy. I want you two to be together like this always. AJ is leaving. Guddan says where are you going? She says if you the guests would be angry. He says if you are done with all this drama then go and catch your kidnapper.

Perv picks the box and says I will burn it in my room. He takes the box with Siddhi to his room. He says I will burn it here. Dadi goes upstairs to bring medicine. Perv is about to burn the box. Dadi comes upstairs. Perv runs from there. DAdi says what are you doing here? I feel smoke. Perv says yes there is burning smell. I think it is from that side.
Guddan says where is that mask box? Saru comes with the box and says here it is. Guddan says I will catch the kidnapper. Perv smirks. She opens the box and takes out the masks. Perv is dazed. Laxmi fell with the box and Siddi changed the box with movement of her foot.

No precap.

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