Guddan 7th December 2018 Written Update

Guddan 7th December 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Guddan 7th December 2018 Written Episode

Scene 1
AJ rubs his nose on the ground. Guddan says no AJ gets up and kicks Datta. He beats his men. He says to Guddan are you okay? Datta’s men come near them. AJ puts gun on Datta and says step back. Guddan takes his papers back. They run.
Saru gives keys to the gardner and says get them duplicated. Durga says AJ’s phone is off. Dadi is really worried.

AJ says sit in the car. Guddan says no I can’t leave without teaching them a lesson. AJ says we can’t stay here for long. I can’t risk your life. Guddan takes the gun and goes back to them. She says how dare you call me for fake audition. And then you called AJ and insulted him? Guddan Datta. She fires in the air and says I can shoot. there are no bullets. Datta gets to know. Guddan says why did you bring fake gun. Datta takes out his gun. AJ says why did you have to say it loud? She says why did you bring fake gun? He says do I look like a thug? Datta points gun at them. Guddan throws the tent on them. Datta shoots towards Guddan. AJ saves her. They both run. Guddan is falling. They both run and hide. Guddan hugs AJ. The thugs and datta are looking for them. They go forward. Guddan says there is a spider. He says be quite. GUddan says there is a tomb. Let’s go there. He saved us and God will save us next too. They enter the temple together.

Guddan’s dupatta falls. AJ picks her duppatta and makes her wear it. They enter the tomb. Guddan and AJ pray together. Datta comes there and puts gun on Guddan’s head. His thugs start beating AJ. Guddan says leave him. AK is injured. Guddan cries and says leave him please. AJ beats the thugs. Datta says stop or I will shoot her. AJ stops. The thugs beat AJ. Guddan says leave him please. A thug hits a rod on AJ’s head. He faints. They all beat him with hockeys. Guddan is crying. Guddan says AJ get up please. Open your eyes. Datta says no one can save you now. He takes Guddan from there.

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