Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th March 2019 Written Update

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Happu ki Ultan Paltan 12th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mallika asking Happu not to drink more and shut the alcohol shop. She warns of sending the video to the constables. Happu worries. Amma shows her nail polishes colour to her husband’s spirit. Happu comes and looks on. Amma asks him to go and celebrate Rajjo’s birthday. He says no, puja will be performed. She says no need, I will perform puja alone. Happu says puja will go well, don’t worry, Rajjo is dying to do the puja. Amma asks really, your dad feels bad that none remembers him on his death anniversary. Happu congratulates him. His dad blesses him. Ritik looks on and comes to tell this to Rajjo.

Happu comes and pampers Ritik. He gets a kiss from Ritik and asks him to play outside. Rajjo asks did you talk to Amma. Happu says yes. She says I know everything.

He says so Ritik told you. She says you aren’t my husband now. He says party will happen, puja will also happen, trust me, listen to me. He gives her a rose. Kamlesh comes to meet Katori. He offers sweets to Mallika. She asks aren’t you ashamed to bribe me, stop coming like this, finish your talk soon and go. Kamlesh and Katori have a cute talk in English. Mallika comments on them. Katori gives the good news that they are celebrating Rajjo’s birthday tomorrow. She asks him to get music CD so that they can dance. He gets much happy. Mallika. Rajjo wakes up Happu in the morning. He romances her. She beats him up. He says its your happy birthday. All the kids come and wish her happy birthday. They all hug Rajjo. Ritik asks what’s the birthday plan.
Happu says we will do puja for your grandpa first, Chamchi go and get ready. Chamchi goes. Happu tells the real birthday party to everyone. He says Amma and Chamchi shouldn’t know the party plan. The kids agree. Amma asks Rajjo to get tea for her. She sits crying and misses her husband. Her husband says I m sitting here, why are you crying. She says you aren’t alive. Rajjo gets tea for her. Amma blesses her on her birthday and wishes. Amma gives her bangles as gift. Rajjo gets glad. Amma asks Happu to take his dad’s blessings. Happu greets his dad. Happu says I m going for duty, I will solve urgent case and come back soon. Amma says I have given a gift to Rajjo already. Happu says amazing. Amma asks her to come on puja on time. Rajjo says come on time, its special day. Happu goes.

Happu tries to divert Amma. Amma doubts that Happu is upto something. She checks the shopping bag.

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