Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 11th July 2019 Written Update

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 11th July 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Jaat Na Pucho Prem Ki 11th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Badal coming to Suman. Suman hugs him. Badal says we will be caught. Suman says sorry for telling him that today is holiday for him. She says I didn’t think that you came to meet me. She says my life’s big challenge is to meet you and says she loves her father and him. Inspector comes to meet Pujan Pandey and tells that FIR was filed about last night incident. He says Lakhan and your name is written in the FIR. Pujan Pandey asks who got the FIR written. Inspector says Ramashish Shukla. Pujan Pandey says if he is alive. Inspector says yes and says Shukla is hiding somewhere. Suman hears him. Pujan Pandey tells that Shukla himself have done this and got his son shot, as he was against the alliance. Inspector says this can happen. Suman thinks she will not leave Shukla

for blaming her father.
Suman reaches Sevaktola and calls Badal asking him to come there. Badal says he went with his mum to patna. Suman hears a man talking to someone and telling that he came there for Shukla ji and he will not open his mouth. Suman tells Kamal and Ashok that she wants to follow the man. Pujan Pandey’s goons shoot the man and injures him. Suman, Ashok and Kamal hide the man from the goons view. She asks the man if he works for Shukla. Man says I will not tell you. Suman asks about his house. He says behind the temple and dies. Chandrama tells pujan pandey that he is resigning from his post. Pujan pandey asks why? Chandrama says case is registered against you and lakhan. He says he is a Mayor and is responsible to do something for people. He says I will not see your jungle raaj silently.

Ashok and Kamal ask Suman to keep the man’s phone and leave from there. Suman asks them to call Police. Goons return back. Ashok says we shall go to badal’s house. Goons find the man dead and say where are those guys who were standing here. Pujan Pandey says you are the insider betrayal. Chandrama says I was not vibhishan else would have left house. Pujan pandey asks him to leave house and says what do you think that I will get weak with your absence. He asks him not to forget that he made him Mayor. Chandrama touches his feet and leave. Rukmani asks did you get peace by saying all this. He asks what do you want to say? Rukmani says when you lose your home then what you will do.

Ashok and Kamal ask Mohan to hide Suman in the house and tell some goons are behind her. Mohan calls Guddi. Guddi takes her inside. Mohan closes the door. Suman thanks him. Goon calls asking if anyone is there. Shashi asks Chandrama if he really want to go and says I will not come with you. She says I am bahu of this house and want to become owner of the house after pujan Pandey. She says you didn’t learn politics even after taking birth here. Chandrama says I am not Pujan Pandey. Shashi asks him not to go against Pujan Pandey. Goons knock on Mohan’s house. Mohan opens the door. They ask if a girl came here? Mohan says my daughter came now and calls Guddi. Goon says not her and goes. Suman says she will leave. Mohan asks her to wait for sometime. Suman gets a call on the man’s phone. She gets tensed and tells him everything. Mohan says you are different from Pujan Pandey and asks her not to interfere in other matters. She comes back home. Lakhan asks her not to go and tells that yesterday your father was injured. She comes to room. Pallavi comes.

Suman shows the mobile and says she believes that it has clue. She says she will expose Shukla for trapping her father. She calls on the number. The man tells that he is stuck in the shop and got lock it from outside. He says Shukla’s men wants the CD and Lakhan’s men is outside the shop. He asks if he will say anything. Suman says Bhaiyya went outside, I will ask him to call you. She ends the call. Suman tells Pallavi that CD is the proof to expose Shukla and prove her father’s innocence. Pujan pandey calls Lakhan and asks him to keep eye on Chandrama. Lakhan asks what happened? Pujan Pandey asks him not to be smart and do as he said. He asks about the video shop owner. Lakhan says video shop is closed and tells that they have killed his assistant. He says we will get the CD. Pujan Pandey says CD shall be found and says Shukla will use it against us, we did a mistake by leaving him alive.

Precap: Suman is kidnapped by some goons. Goons inform the same to Pujan Pandey.

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