Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2nd February 2019 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2nd February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2nd February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veer following Akshay. He sees Akshay going to the jungle with a clothes packets. Veer thinks your game is over, today I will catch you red-handed. Akshay goes to some grave in the jungle. Veer thinks its someone’s grave. Akshay pits the packets there and leaves. Veer sees the packets gone. He thinks where did the clothes go. He looks around and goes. Someone picks the clothes packets and runs away. Veer follows Akshay again. At the palace, Archie and everyone look at the room. Rajmata says this matter is about 50 years old, Bhuri was young, Kaal Bhairav possessed her and said he will give a solution to get rid of curse, the family’s daughter can open this chest, but we are unfortunate that girls didn’t live up to that age. Archie says Bhuri wanted me to save

the family daughters, did Lord give me this sign.
Vandana says Bhuri could have helped us, but now no one will die coming to this room. Archie sees the same drawing on the wall which she has seen in her dream. Veer comes to Akshay’s room and checks all his belongings. He thinks maybe Akshay is helping someone. He checks for some clue. He thinks there has to be some clue. He thinks of Archie’s words. He checks Akshay’s clothes and matches the button. He gets a pic and sees Akshay with the two women. He says it means my doubt was right, Akshay’s truth has come out. He drags a chair and sits there. Archie recalls her dream and thinks of the things seen. She makes sketches of all the things and notes down clues. She thinks Veer was saying about the similar man, how can I find him, I have to find the clothes shop first. Archie reaches the place and thinks of her dream. She gets shocked seeing Akshay talking to the old man. She asks what is Akshay talking to him. They see Archie and run away. Archie says why did they run seeing me, how does Akshay know this old man. Akshay comes to haveli. Guards surround him. Akshay asks what happened.

He sees everyone following. He asks is everything fine. Veer slaps him. He says you have fooled everyone a lot. Akshay asks what’s my mistake. Veer shows the pic and asks about the girls. Akshay says I didn’t meet them till now. Veer says Pavitra and I have seen them in locked room, then a bearded man attacked us and went, you went to the clothes shop, bought clothes and went to jungle, you left clothes at the grave, you are exposed now, you have played this dangerous game, you killed Bhuri as well. Akshay says I m not lying, I have visited my mum and sister’s graves, when they left, royal family raised me, I visit the graves and put gifts for them, I didn’t cheat Rajmahal. Veer says stop the drama, tell me who is that bearded man.

Akshay says I don’t know that man. Archie asks why are you lying, I have seen you with that man, you saw me and ran away. Akshay denies everything. Veer asks is this your ghost, who has put this in your book. Akshay says I can prove that someone is plotting against me. He shows the hidden cameras in his room. He says I have put the cameras to catch someone playing game with me, we can find that man in camera easily. He plays the pendrive. They see Revati keeping the pic in the book. Revati worries.

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