Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 4th March 2019 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 4th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 4th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veer getting treated by a doctor. Doctor asks them to come out for the talk. He says Veer has a mental illness, we call it split personality, maybe something happened in his childhood. Rajmata asks why didn’t we know it. Doctor explains them. He says the person who awakens his split personality shouldn’t go in front of him. He asks Archie not to meet Veer. Archie says he can’t leave without me.

Doctor says you and Revati are criminals in his sight, Veer can get fine if you listen to me, if you talk about Lord, curse, punishment and wrong doers, then his second avatar will overtake him, one day he will think he is Lord Kaal Bhairav, then it won’t be possible for me to get him back. Doctor says I gave him injection, let him rest, give him medicines on time,

better be careful, don’t do anything that awakens his split personality. He goes. She asks Archie to meet the baba and find some way to get rid of all the problems. Archie says I will do anything to make Veer fine, but he can’t stay without me, what will happen to him. She cries and says we all should meet baba and take his help. Baba says when sins get high, Lord comes in good people and punish bad people, this is happening with you all because of curse, no one will be saved in this royal family or Kanakgadh. Archie asks for some solution. He says all the people have to pray to Utsav idol and do its shuddikaran, place it in temple again. Lali’s heir should place it and then pray for everyone.
Rajmata asks who is Lali’s heir, we don’t know. Baba says trust Lord, when you leave for Kashi, Lord will give you hint about Lali’s heir, its all Lord’s wish. They see the havan fire blowing off. He says someone is there who doesn’t want royal family to get curse free, someone wants to ruin you. Archie asks who, is he from Bindal family. Baba says no, he is more clever and powerful, after praying to Shiv, I will tell you about that man, he wants to snatch the idol from you, I will surely tell his name. Archie thinks who can it be. Abhiram and Thakur meet to discuss their plan. He says they shouldn’t get the idol and go to Kashi. Abhiram says Pavitra will try to get the idol, I will also try. Thakur hugs him and sends him away. Neeraj is tied up. He says Jai ho Kaal Bhairav. Akshay comes to meet him. He says you gave idol to others and sat here, we can’t wait to get that idol, else Shambu will get angry on us, none should get that Divya powers. Dolly recalls Archie’s words. She thinks Veer doesn’t remember, it doesn’t remember he didn’t do wrong, he has killed Titu and made me mute, we came here for Veer and Archie, what did Veer do to us, Veer didn’t do this right, he punishes everyone, I will kill Veer. She gets angry.

Everyone does the puja. The idol is taken. Akshay signs Neeraj. Veer asks for Archie. He asks Rajmata where is she, are you hiding something. Rajmata says no, Archie is somewhere around. Archie and Revati are also there. Revati says Guru ji asked you to place the idol, how will we go in front of Veer, he will try to kill us. Archie says I m ready to take this risk, I m sure that Shiv will help us. Thakur asks his men to be ready, they have to get the idol and create chaos to divert people. Baba prays and asks Lord to help him know who is creating hurdle in his aim. Dolly gets a knife to kill Veer. She thinks you think you can punish other, today you will get punished. Veer places the idol. Archie thinks I just know I didn’t do wrong with anyone, you have to protect me now. Veer looks for Archie and asks Rajmata again.

Rajmata says maybe she is busy. Archie goes to Veer. He asks where were you. Archie says I was here. He says we will do puja together. They do the puja together. The utsav idol shines. The man says its a miracle. Pandit says I heard the same, when Lali used to pray, idol used to shine like this. Sharad says maybe Lali’s heir is here. Rajmata says I feel Lali’s heir is around. Archie asks how will we find the heir, the idol has shined after 150 years. The people pray.

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