Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 5th February 2019 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 5th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 5th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the women crying on seeing Archie. Archie says I m here to help you, I m Veer’s wife. don’t be scared of me, tell me who are you, who locked you here, I m really Veer’s wife, believe me. The woman introduces themselves as Gayatri and Sia, the Rajkanya of Royal family. Archie gets shocked and asks what. Revati loses Jai and cries for him. She asks Jai to open his eyes. Kashinath and everyone cry. Rajguru says Lord’s message was right, he has punished Jai.

Veer says blackmailer has done this, he killed a kid, I couldn’t do anything. Vandana consoles Revati. Archie hugs the women and says you are Veer’s Bua and you are Veer’s sister, you are alive, I was told that no girl of royal family survives. Sia says it would have been good if we died, this

life is worse. Archie asks who has caught you here. Gayatri says Ramesh Sharma has kept us captive, my dad Dharam Singh was full of pride, he liked an ordinary girl, he tried to get that girl, that girl was Ramesh’s sister, Ramesh reached there and beaten up all the guards and my dad, he had run away saving his sister. FB shows all this. Gayatri says my dad ordered the guards to get Ramesh and his sister to Rajmahal. The king insults Ramesh and his sister. The king says the money is still the ruling power here. The king rapes the girl and kills her. He asks guards to throw the girl’s dead body. FB ends. Gayatri says Ramesh had kidnapped me and did the evil thing with me, he had killed my dad, he had sworn to ruin all the girls of royal family, Sia was born and he captivated her also, he kills all the girls of royal family. Archie says that man has become a devil for revenge. She tells Sia that Veer is with her, he will save her. She asks how does Ramesh look. Gayatri says no, he doesn’t have any white beard. Archie asks who is that bearded man.
Archie says come with me, we will go out and ask help from villagers. Archie finds the door locked. She asks someone to open the door. Gayatri says he has come. Archie sees the CCTV camera. The man Ramesh sees them on camera. Veer asks who has kept bags here. Servant says Rajguru had asked me to keep bags here. Neeraj comes and says Kaal Bhairav is coming to kill me. Veersays there is no one. Neeraj falls on bed and gets restless. Veer says someone is playing a game with you, Jai got killed today. Kunika comes to take Neeraj. She says Neeraj is always scared of Kaal Bhairav. She takes him along. Veer checks the bag and finds wig and beard. He gets a shirt and matches the button. He says this shirt is in Revati’s bag, it means Revati is behind all this. Veer comes to hospital and looks for Revati. He sees her leaving. He asks her to stop. She leaves with Kashinath. Veer follows her. She says I told we would have run away, we would have not lost Jai. Kashinath drives the car. She cries. Veer says its no use to run now.

Ramesh comes to kill Archie. Archie prepares to attack on him. Veer reaches Revati and Kashinath. He says your game is over, I know you have played this game. Archie tries to see. The place gets smokey. They start coughing. The man comes there. Veer shouts on Revati and asks what are you doing here. Revati says this isn’t my house, I have come here to kill that blackmailer, who has killed my Jai, that had isn’t mine. Archie sees the man. Ramesh says you did a big mistake by coming here. Archie says you… I know your voice, who are you. He hides face by a mask. He says its time to cut your wings, you learnt this secret and it will end inside this house. He drops the gas cylinder. Veer says there is someone else in this house. He asks Kashinath to find out. Kashinath shows the secret passage. He says I will not leave that blackmailer today. They enter the passage. Archie tries to save herself. Gayatri stops him from stabbing Archie. He scolds her and goes to stop Archie. Veer comes there and hits on his head. He asks Archie are you fine. Archie hugs him. Kashinath and Veer catch Ramesh and remove his mask and fake beard. They get shocked seeing Rajguru. Archie says he is Rajguru. Gayatri says he is Ramesh Sharma.

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