Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 8th February 2019 Written Update

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 8th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 8th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Neeraj running away from the old woman. Kunika asks Sumer to find about the old woman. Bindal says Sumer is suspended from job and I m on leave. Sumer says I m still on my duty from mind, I got her bag from there, we can find about her. He checks the potli bag and gets some identity card. He says her name is Gauri Bansal. The old woman Gauri meets with an accident. Everyone rushes to see. Kunika asks Neeraj is he fine. He says yes. Sumer and Bindal see her. Sumer checks her and says she is no more. Akshay, Revati, Kashinath and Sia look on. Archie sees a dream, that a black shadow is over the royal palace and everything is ruined.

She sees Kaal Bhairav idol and wakes up. She thinks another bad dream, Lord is tied and angry, he is crying, what does this mean.

Sumer says it means Gauri was tied up, why did Maharani keep her captive. Bindal says maybe to keep her away from family. Sumer says I think Maharani wanted to get something from her. Bindal says Maharani is gone now. Sumer says we shall check at this address. They ask the man if he is from Gauri’s family. The man says no. Sumer says this house was on Gauri’s name. The man says we bought this house from someone else, you can ask there. Sumer and Bindal meet someone else to ask. Sumer says we want to know if Gauri Bansal lived here. The man says she used to stay here 20 years ago. Sumer says she has died, we want to inform her family. The man says sorry, I have no idea about her family. Sumer says fine thank you. An old lady looks on.
Akshay, Revati and Kashinath look on. Dolly finds Archie’s dream strange. Archie says I feel Lord is angry and going to punish someone. Dolly says everyone is sinner in this family, even Rajguru signed towards Veer. Archie says he can’t do anything wrong. Sia says Rajguru made my life hell, he wanted to separate you and Veer, Veer can never do this. Dolly says how can you say this, you don’t know Veer. Archie says he can never do this. Titu says I have tracked Ajar Shastri. He shows the address. Archie says we have to go to this address.

Archie, Titu and Dolly come to meet Ajay and ask about the second book of Kanakgadh secret. Ajay asks them to leave. Archie says its imp. He says I don’t want to talk, everything related to this book is unlucky, my brother has tried to write the book and then he had died, please don’t ask me anything. Archie says I m prince’s wife, I have seen many people dying, everyone is in danger, I have to find them, I won’t get peace, help me, is this a curse or any conspiracy, who is doing this and why, its imp for me to know this, I beg you, please tell me where is the second volume. He says second volume didn’t publish, I hate this book, I had buried it in the soil. Archie asks where. He tells the address. She thanks him.

He says I would advice you not to dig it out. She says I want to know the secret, thanks. She leaves. He says you all made me connect to the curse too. The old lady Suchitra calls Sumer and says I m Gauri’s neighbor, her granddaughters are alive, just I know this, she went somewhere and we didn’t know where she had gone. He asks why did you not tell me before. She says you were not alone, royal family people had come too, I know about the curse, who is behind it, he is in the palace, I want to tell you, just come alone, make sure no one comes after you. He gets shocked. Archie, Titu and Dolly try to search for the book. Dolly asks will we dig under every tree. Titu shows a tree which is much shorter. He says maybe its roots are strong and the tree didn’t get tall. Archie digs the soil. Ajay asks someone to leave him. He gets killed. Archie digs the soil and gets some papers. She says I got the second chapter of the book, I will know it, if its any curse or conspiracy. She checks the book. Someone comes there.

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