Krishna Chali London 17th April 2019 Written Update

Krishna Chali London 17th April 2019 Written Update by Amena

Krishna Chali London 17th April 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Veer and Krishna thinking of each other and crying. Judaai….plays…. Veer imagines Krishna with him. They cry and hug. Bela and Triloki come to the temple. Triloki asks why did we come here. He jokes on Shukla and says he won’t leave us, we shouldn’t spy on him. She asks him to keep his marriage promise and support hr. She says I m being good bahu and trying to know what’s happening in our house. She goes and sees Shukla. He asks what happened. She says devil is in front. He says come with me. He takes Bela with him. Shukla’s goons get Veer to him. Shukla asks Veer what does he want to say. Bela tries to hear them. He says I m not able to hear anything, whom did Shukla summon here, I want to know.

Triloki asks what will you do. She says I will

decide, I just want to know, its about Radhe. Veer says Radhe met with an accident, he got hit by my car, Krishna is innocent. Shukla threatens him and asks him to speak wisely, he shouldn’t lie. Veer says I m telling the truth. Shukla says your mum had called and said.. Veer says she is lying to save me, my friend Amar got all the details, I had rented that car that day, I got the CCTV footage and my car GPS, the car that killed Radhe was driven by me. Shukla gets shocked. Veer says I killed Radhe, I told the truth, now get Krishna freed, please. Veer prays to Lord and says you can take away everything, but save Krishna, I m ready to accept any punishment. Shukla asks the goons to get all the details of accident. He asks goons to beat him. Bela looks on and says why don’t I get a chance to beat Shukla.
Triloki asks what did you say, did you go mad, lets get out of here. She says Shukla is getting thrashed himself. Triloki and Bela leave. Veer is sleeping in the temple. Krishna wakes up when constable frees her. He says you got the bail. She says Veer got me bailed out. She goes and gets shocked seeing Shukla. She scolds him for playing on dead Radhe’s name. She asks what’s your new plan to trap me now, what if I don’t accept this bail. Inspector asks them to go out and break each other’s head, but first finish the formalities. Shukla says I know I m very mean, but you can’t deny that Radhe was my fav son, you said you loved Radhe a lot, you got a husband now, what about my son, think. Krishna says you are again doing a drama, I want to meet my husband, where is Veer.

Shukla says new husband, who snatched my hospital, who killed your ex husband. Krishna says enough, I won’t hear a word against Veer. Shukla asks why, you will have to hear it, I would have killed him, look at the proof, he has killed Radhe. Krishna gets shocked. Inspector also checks the file. Shukla says Veer has killed Radhe by running him over by his car. Krishna sees the pics. Inspector asks what’s this new twist. Shukla says Veer was going to London to erase the proof, I have sent my men to get the proof, its all here now, see it, I m not lying this time, you can’t deny the proof, he married you to get saved, Veer has beaten me too, Veer and his mum are running to Dubai now. Krishna recalls Veer and Sunaina’s words. Shukla says I m a bad man, Radhe was my fav son, I loved him a lot you too loved him a lot, are we going to spare Radhe’s killer, or will Radhe get justice? Krishna cries.

Krishna takes police to Veer. She asks did Radhe’s accident happened by your car. Veer says yes. Krishna slaps Veer.

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