Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala 15th March 2019 Written Update

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala 15th March 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala 15th March 2019 Written Episode

Amma asks what fell down, Kulfi gets scared, she picks up glass and acts as if picking glass and says sorry it’s glass, kids take sigh of relief, kids decide to elope tonight. Sikander walks to lovely, lovely asks what’s the new punishment to see my daughter, Sikander says I won’t give you any punishment, Lovely says you forgive me,sikander says we are puppets,god’s puppets, Lovely asks what’s wrong, sikander says god has decided your punishment, doctor has given verdict, they won’t be able to save amyra, sikander breaks down. Lovely says no, Sikander says don’t touch me,Lovely rushes to amyra, amyra hugs her, amyra says I’m very scared mom, doctor said I will die, save me mom.

Ama switches off the lights, Kulfi and Vaishali call Raghav and other kids, Bhola barks, Kulfi

says don’t bark, they are our friends, and we are eloping so inform us, if someone is coming, now calm down, kids from chimney start leaving one by one, Kulfi keeps herself motivating saying I have to we Baba, Vaishali don’t be scared we are with you, Amma Wakes up hearing rats noise. Lovely walks to Sikander and says I will die if something happens to amyra, sikander says she is dying because of you and so you will be alive and live in guilt. Lovely says you are right I used her for my ego, I thought I’m doing it for amyra, Lovely says I just have sadness but can give you a little happiness, I can tell you where kulfi is, go get her back.
Kulfi reaches the the top and says we all can free ourselves, Baba I’m coming, Kulfi says there’s a net here and it’s not opening. Bhola barks at Amma, Amma calls Rajan and says he is barking at me again, take him away. Kids decide to get down, Raghav gets down and says I guess Amma is coming stay there, Amma walks in kitchen, checks around, Raghav hides under the table, Amma leaves looking for rats. Raghav signs everyone to come down, Kulfi says how will I meet Baba now.

Amyra says mom don’t tell dad where kulfi is, sikander rushes to amyra, amyra hugs him, sikander says we have to get her back, amyra asks why you have to love her and not me, mom you said if I go through pain, I will get my dad forever, I’m bearing so much pain but dad is not mine,he still wants Kulfi, tell him I obeyed you like good girl, I drank that bad thing when you asked too, sikander says she knew her, amyra says yes, so that you go away from kulfi, I shared my toys, tiffin but not you even if she is your daughter, Sikander in shock.

Pre cap ; kulfi says we lost only chance we had how will I see my baba, Raghav says don’t worry Kulfi you will be with your baba soon.

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