Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2019 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2019 Written Update by H_Hasan

Kumkum Bhagya 31st May 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi coming to Rhea’s room and looks at her, thinks I can’t ignore your mistakes and have to make you realize your mistakes. I wish you could have gone with Pragya, I can see you going far from me, but can’t see you getting angry. He says I am angry with you, but love you. He says good night and goes. Sarita behen calls Pragya and shows the clothes for Prachi and Shahana. Pragya says what was the need? Sarita behen says if they will go to picnic in old clothes and says everyone will look at them. Pragya says she is feeling good and came to know that she takes care of them too. Sarita behen says I love them also, Shahana irritates me, but it is ok. She asks her to go and give clothes to them. Pragya asks her to give. Sarita behen says if I give them then they will think that

I have changed from a strict woman. Pragya hugs her and says she is missing Maa seeing her. Sarita behen gets emotional too.
Abhi tries to sleep, but couldn’t sleep. He takes out Kiara’s cookie toy which resembles fuggi/Pragya. He remembers Kiara and Pragya. He hugs the doll and says I am alone Kiara even now, your mamma didn’t return. He says you are cookie for Kiara and fuggi for me. Pragya also thinks about him and looks at the moon. Abhi holds the cookie toy and tries to sleep. Song plays….He feels Pragya is with him.. Pragya also sleep.

Next day, Pragya is waiting for the taxi. Meera is going from there and stops. She offers to give her lift. Pragya refuses and says she will go. Meera gets down from the car and asks Pragya to sit. Pragya says you will get late because of me. Meera says the excuse shall be good to get late. She tells that her name is Meera and asks about her name. Pragya is about to say, just then driver puts the sudden brakes. Driver says someone came infront of car. Pragya reasons that he might be in a hurry.

Sarita behen misses her daughter Anu and thinks she didn’t call her even on her birthday since 7 years. Meera drops Pragya home. Pragya asks her to come inside. Meera comes inside and asks Pragya about the house. Pragya says it is rented house. She goes to Sarita behen and wishes her happy birthday with a gift. Sarita behen thanks her and gets teary eyes. Meera also wishes her happy birthday. Sarita behen thanks her. Meera sits and tells that she will have coffee. Sarita behen says she (Pragya) made the coffee on that day. Sarita behen tells Meera that she (pragya) is her daughter Anuradha who had a fight with her. She tells that no daughter calls her mum’s house as her own after marriage. Pragya brings coffee to give to Meera.

Meera thanks her calling her Anu. Pragya tries to tell her name, but just then Prachi comes there and asks Pragya not to send her with Shahana again, as she is shopping for 3 months trip rather than 3 days. Meera hopes that Rhea and her enmity end. She tells that she needs a favor from her. She tells that she is very close to Rhea and after her, she feels a strange warmth towards her and asks can I call you Anu. Pragya says you can, but. Sarita behen gets tensed. Meera says Anu is my elder sister’s name, who died in a road accident. She says she used to scold me a lot and tells that she was very close to her mum and not much close to her mother. She says when you scolded me, I felt like I got my sister back. Pragya says you can call me Anu. Prachi comes and shows the dresses. Pragya selects pink dress.

Pallavi comes to Ranbir and asks where his college friends are going. Ranbir says they are going to different place and don’t know about some place name. Pallavi asks him to take a shower and says you are stinking. He says kids are small for parents always. She says I came to tell you that you are going to picnic. Ranbir says if I refuse? Pallavi says then Aryan will also not go. Aryan comes there. Ranbir asks why did you tell mom? Aryan says I want to come with you. He says even Rhea is coming. Ranbir asks Pallavi to pack his guitar also.

Sarita behen tells that Pragya shall open coffee shop. Meera says that is a good idea. Pragya says she is joking. Meera says Mr. Mehra will be your first customer and asks her to teach her how to make coffee. She says his wife used to make nice coffee also. Pragya thinks Pallavi is his second wife and Rhea didn’t accept her. She says I will teach you. Meera says I have to buy clothes for Rhea from the mall, thanks her and leaves.

Pragya tells Sarita behen that Rhea haven’t accepted Mr. Mehra’s second wife. Sarita behen says Meera wants to learn coffee making from you and win Mr. Mehra’s heart. Pragya says she just want to take care of him. Sarita behen says you will hear this one day. She challenges Pragya.

Meera smiles looking at Rhea. Rhea asks what is good? Meera thinks Rhea is like Prachi in some way, seems like…

Precap: Pragya asks Prachi not to fight with Rhea. Rhea also promises Meera not to fight with Prachi.

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