Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2019 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2019 Written Update by Sona

Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2019 Written Episode

Prithvi wonders what he must do between saving Preeta and Sherlin, if he goes to save Sherlin than Preeta will come to know of him so he will not let her do anything happen to Preeta like he let her do with Sarla as he will protect her this time.
Sarla walks to Preeta’s room and after going inside gets angry after seeing Sherlin, she asks her where Preeta is, however Sherlin starts to taunt her but then asks her to see that she has married Rishab, she hugs him but Sarla slaps her asking where Preeta is, she gets angry saying that she is not here but she will make sure that they both go to hell because she will kill both of them, after threatening that she will be afraid after she comes to know the secret she has, Sarla turns, Sherlin hits her from behind and leaves after closing her in the

rooms he hits two people in the way but manages to get away, she gets worried thinking that Preeta will have reached the Luthra house.
Preeta gets off on the mansion and thinks that they both will reveal the truth and not let Sherlin ruin the life of Rishab because she has done a lot of things with her mother which will prove to be bad for her. Prithvi is walking when he gets a call from Sherlin, she asks if he has killed Preeta, he explains that he searched for her in each and every direction but is not able to find her so he again came to the Luthra house and searched for her but she is still not here, Sherlin whoever does not believe him saying that he will, not kill her because he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, so how can he kill her.
She realizes that he is getting mad so she starts to calm him down and blames him if he is notable to do anything and gets bankrupt which will; give the Luthras a chance to laugh at him, he asks her to stop saying that he wants to take revenge and nothing is more important for him, she again manipulates him to kill Preeta because nothing is more important, he gets frustrated, she says that if he doesn’t kill Preeta than the Luthras will laugh at him. He explains that he will not let anyone stop him and must think, he starts to walk down when he sees Preeta coming, he asks her to end the call.
Sherlin prays that Prithvi does something because if he doesn’t than everything she has worked for will be ruined, Prithvi thinks what he can do because if he tries to do anything than will have to answer a lot of questions which he cannot do.
Karina sees Preeta standing and wonders what has happened with her and if she has attempted a suicide, she thinks that what she has thought of her is right, just than Rakhi sees her and goes to her asking what the matter is, Rishab also goes top her, she mentions that she has something important to tell him, Karina thinks s that she was right and will have to do something to stop Preeta, Sanjana also wonders what Sherlin said, that she had kidnapped Preeta but she is here and will tell the truth.
Rishab asks Preeta to come inside after which she can tell them everything, Karina ask her why she was late in an attempt to slow her, everyone pushes her to tell them the reason, she says that she knows that she was not able to reach in time and everyone will be am d at her but she has something to tell, Rishab asks what the matter is as she is looking worried, Karina says that she didn’t come eve when everyone was looking for her because they trusted her and seen still she did not come, but no matter the reason and causes they have gotten married,
Preeta thinks that now that Sherlin has gotten married with Rishab she needs proof and will have to take help with Karan because he also knows the truth of Sherlin, she ask for Karan but Rishab request that she first tell him as he is aware that she is worried.
Samer goes to Karan s room and finds him in a dark room, he ask him to close the eyes, Samer says that he haired a PI which he did and that the detective gave him some important news, he also gave him the photos and told him the name of the person who helped him in becoming the member of this family.
Preeta says that she wanted to tell this to Rishab a long time ago, Sanjana fears that she was afraid of this, Preeta gets dizzy Rakhi holds her, Prithvi spills oil on the stairs, Sanjana sees him doing this,

Precap: Preeta ask them to meet Karan she runs to his room and says his name before hugging him.

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  1. Happy
    June 13, 09:30 Reply

    Bakwas same draggy like kum kum
    Sherlin also having elephant pregnancy like tannu since 2 years Sherlin pregnancy drama and Prithvi Affair is not exposed stupidity is unlimited in ekta kapoor’s shows she has to bring a better climax regarding the negative roles pregnancy if Sherlin and Prithvi has to be exposed faster so that she thinks of other contents for the audience and get other actors in the series to make it more enjoyable

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