Mahakumbh 7th July 2015 Written Update

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Mahakumbh 7th July 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mahakumbh 7th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vibhishan telling Rudra that he was testing him. He says you can go ahead without Dansh too. Rudra looks at Dansh angrily and walks to him, being much hurt. He beats up Dansh and shouts. He recalls how Dansh killed his mum, Dadi and Punnu. He beats him up a lot and kills him. Rudra falls down. Vibhishan says the door will open and shut in some time. Shivanand says how will we go without Rudra. Vibhishan says he will not get up now, the wounds by this weapon never heal. Rudra asks Shivanand to take everyone and go, fate has decided for them. Shivanand says no, this can’t happen.

Shivanand asks Rudra to get up and gets angry seeing Rudra unconscious. He says he have to wait. Vibhishan says you don’t have much time. Tiwari says he used to think why did he choose to protect people, as its in nature that he takes people’s problem on him, or was this any coincidence, now I know it was none of them. He says he is Garuda, and their birth happened for sacrifice. He says he has a power. Katherine asks what. Tiwari says he can take Rudra’s wounds on his body. He says if he can save his Garuda head’s life, what can we more better.

He says our relation is of knowledge and it will go on after this life. He sits near Rudra and sacrifices his life, transferring his strength and powers to Rudra, just like Charles did. He falls down. Shivanand and Katherine get teary eyed and folds hands to give him tribute. Shivanand lifts unconscious Rudra with wounds healed and walks ahead with Katherine. He greets Vibhishan and enters the door.

Shivanand stops Katherine from plucking any flower. She says its so beautiful. He says this can be illusion, this will stop us from going ahead, so beware. The door protector appears and Shivanand greets Makaradhwaj. He asks is this any reason for such beautiful region. Makaradhwaj says its about the desires of a human, which comes as a hurdle between his aim. Rudra says its not selfish motive to protect Amrit. He says this desire will make you helpless, like Shivanand is Garuda brain, Rudra is Garuda head, and taken other Garuda’s sacrifice to fulfill your motive.

He says they can’t cross the door if they feel they are the sole one to protect Amrit, the way goes straight, if he changes the way, they can’t go ahead, the desires will try to stop them, they can be caught here and have to be here forever. He disappears. They hear their loved one’s voice and Rudra asks them to walk ahead, as its their desires, if they stop, they will be left here forever, they will get weak. They walk ahead.

Makaradhwaj says the door will close in some time. Shivanand hears Ganga’s voice, Rudra hears Maya’s voice and Katherine hears Charles’ voice. Charles says he wants to see Katherine for the last time and live the moment. Rudra says no Katherine, this is was test, its our desires. They stop Katherine. She says I m so sorry and runs back. Rudra shouts no Katherine and cries. Shivanand says come Rudra and they walk ahead. They see the door closing and run towards it. They get inside the door. Katherine sees Charles and they both run to each other. He hugs her and they smile.

She holds his face and he disappears. She gets stunned and looks behind. She sees the door closed and left out alone. She sits crying there and says I m so sorry, forgive me Rudra.

Pashuram appears. Rudra asks Shivanand to meet Pashuram. Shivanand is killed. Rudra holds him in his lap and hugs him crying.

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