Mahakumbh 8th July 2015 Written Update

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Mahakumbh 8th July 2015 Written Update by Amena

Mahakumbh 8th July 2015 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivanand asking Rudra to free himself from all his desires, and desires comes in way of their duty. They walk ahead and they are welcomed by Pashuram. Pashuram says he is the guide and protector of this door. They greet him. Pashuram says they have come here and its clear they have come with pure aim, but they have to cross the door, and have to give a test, anyone of them can go ahead of this door and they have to decide. He says their death should not be by their wish, they can’t suicide, they can lose life for their duty, and says how he has sacrificed his family to do his duty and hopes the same from him. He says there is no time to think, whoever goes ahead, will fight with me, I have got training from Mahadev, think who will give test and who will reach Amrit. Rudra and Shivanand look at each other.

Bhairavi sees the people. Rudra says this is not possible. Shivanand says why, we know this is our aim. Rudra says I can’t sacrifice my dad. Shivanand says Rudra can think this, not Garuda head. Rudra asks him to kill him and go ahead. Shivanand disagrees and says just the best has to go ahead, its you who are the best, all the others have lost senses, and pushes Rudra. He says its just you who went ahead, how can he move back today.

Shivanand hits Rudra and he falls. Rudra holds the sand and Shivanand says I wanted to make your anger come, attack me. Rudra says I can’t attack on you in any situation, I can’t raise hand on you. Shivanand says you have to. Rudra cries. Shivanand says if he lags, then he will be murderer of not his dad, but also the entire human race. He asks Rudra not to fall weak, else all the sacrifices of the Garuda will go waste. Rudra recalls them. Rudra shouts Maai Mui…. Bhairavi hears it and gets restless. She hits on the ground and comes to Rudra. Rudra asks her to see what Shivanand is saying. She says time is passing, and asks him to hurry. Shivanand says I m explaining him to pass this door. Rudra says he can’t go ahead by killing his dad, this is not a son and protector’s duty. Bhairavi says he is protecting humanity and has to go against his loved ones, and says mythology, this is war ad aim is above any other relation.

Rudra asks is this any aim. Bhairavi says we are garuda, and know life and death’s aim, the people are innocent and don’t know how nature plays, why are they sacrificed, stop this injustice, go towards your aim before time fails you. She disappears. Rudra cries and looks at Shivanand. Shivanand removes his bag and walks to Rudra. Rudra turns to the either side and cries. Shivanand makes his Garuda weapon a sharp sword and hands it over to Rudra. Rudra says no and cries hugging Shivanand. Shivanand says there is no time to flow in emotions, give me this death and become my pride. Rudra cries miserably.

Rudra stabs Shivanand and gets shattered. Shivanand smiles and kisses Rudra. He caresses Rudra and cries. Rudra holds him in his arms. Shivanand says he took Rudra in lap same way when he was born, and today he is taking his last breath in his lap, there can’t be better death than this. Shivanand blesses Rudra. Pashuram comes to them and asks Rudra to come. Rudra looks at Shivanand in his lap. He hugs him and tears roll down.

Rudra leaves him there and takes the Garuda weapon. He proceeds. Pashuram asks for his Garuda weapon. He gives him his powerful weapon, and says all enemies weapons will be useless infront of this, but remember its used just for duty, if he gets emotional and uses it, he will be useless. Rudra says I will be careful and takes it. Pashuram blesses him. Rudra is thrown inside the door and shouts.

Rudra fights with Dakshak on Maha Shivratri when Amrit is about to appear. Dakshak says he is the most powerful one. A little girl asks Bhairavi whether Rudra will not come back. Maya looks at Bhairavi teary eyed.

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