Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st March 2019 Written Update

Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st March 2019 Written Update by H Hasan

Main Bhi Ardhangini 1st March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vaidehi crying on hearing about Madhav’s tough puja and fast. Vaidehi says I will also keep the fast. Narayan asks her to stop Madhav. He doesn’t want to lose Madhav. Vaidehi agrees and goes to help Anuradha. Madhav asks Vaidehi to take the things to temple. He hears Vaidehi. She tries to change his decision. He says nothing changes by one person, someone takes his place with time. He goes. Nilambari looks on. Shweta asks why are you worried.

Nilambari says Vaidehi will try her best that Madhav doesn’t make any mistake in puja, they will come closer, she will become great in his eyes, this time Vaidehi will make a mistake and you will rectify. Shweta smiles. Vaidehi gets a nightmare and gets scared. She wakes up and talks to Dadi. She gets tensed for Madhav.

Madhav talks to Chitra’s pic. Vaidehi looks on and says Chitra would like you to be fine. She tells Narayan that if Madhav wants to keep this fast, she will help him succeed. Shweta spoils the milk and smiles. Sangram asks servants to take everything and leave. Shweta asks Vaidehi to give everything to Madhav by her hands. Nilambari says I m worried for Madhav. Madhav says everything will be fine, just come. Vaidehi thinks he didn’t wear the protection thread. Vaidehi recalls her Dadi’s words. Chitra looks on. Vaidehi goes to tie the thread to Madhav.
Madhav goes for the puja. Vaidehi comes there. Pandit asks Madhav not to do any puja, he has to do puja with shivling and lift it to take rounds. He explains the rituals. Madhav agrees and prays for Chitra’s soul peace. Pandit sees the leaves with holes and tells Madhav. Madhav says take other leaf, we should not waste time. Pandit says all the leaves are bad. Nilambari scolds Vaidehi. Shweta acts good. She goes to the car to get fresh leaves. Her dupatta gets stuck in the car. Chitra troubles her. She makes the leaves fly to Vaidehi.

Vaidehi collects the leaves and comes before mahurat ends. She says Shweta didn’t come. She was also finding leaves. She helps Madhav. Shweta gets troubled by windy dust. Madhav prays. He says everything will get fine now. He lifts the shivling. Chitra looks on. Madhav does the Pariknama. Everyone looks on surprised. Vaidehi helps Madhav. Chitra says I knew puja can’t have any hurdle when Vaidehi is there. Shweta comes. Nilambari scolds her. Vaidehi prays to thank Lord. Pandit says we need a snake for Naag puja. Vaidehi goes to get snake. Shweta says that snake is very dangerous and poisonous, sorry for my mistakes. She instructs the man. Vaidehi takes the snake box for puja. Vaidehi goes to Madhav.

Madhav is ready to take any risk and drinks the poison. Nilambari smiles and gets the snake. Vaidehi falls down.

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