Main Maayke Chali Jaungi 8th November 2018 Episode Watch Online

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  1. Reena
    November 08, 12:58 Reply

    When changes will come ? From 20 years same stories the producer and director have no brain r they nonsense .Whar bhuaji doing here same reveng policy like always.She didnt come on marriage ,she came after 4,5 days later to stay here for ever.What r u teaching the young genration to do stuid things,all dramas has same thing ,there is no story axcept teej ,dhun tros ,marriage and diwali etc. U r becoming western ,open hair ,naked legs on the other hand teej and gund mund grow up ,waistage of time and money.Watch Pakistani dramas wonderfull they r.Stop this bull shit .At least dont make such dramas for nri s. Proposing for marriage nelt down on their knees , is this Indian culture.u people r mean . DUBKE MAR JAO brama banaun wale.

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