Mere Sai 12th February 2019 Written Update

Mere Sai 12th February 2019 Written Update by MA

Mere Sai 12th February 2019 Written Episode

Shubhangi takes Tara and Pari to temple and orders Pari to sit under shade and guard slippers and dare not to move from here. She herself with Tara gets into temple and performs pooja with other ladies. Baiza maaa performs pooja and gifts god’s idol to each woman. Shubhangi then gifts handmade kerchief to all women, they all like its design and ask from where did she buy. Shubhangi says Tara made it. Baizaa maa says Tara is very talented. Pari gets bored sitting. Sai reaches there and asks what is she doing here. Pari says guarding slippers, but getting bored. Sai asks when Pari gets bored, w hat does she do. Pari says she draws pictures, but needs slate or paper and chalk. Sai says she can make even ground as canvas/papers and gives chalk. She draws beautiful rangoli and asks how is

it. Sai says very beautiful and needs to be colored. Pari asks how will she get colors now. Sai says she can use natures as colors and gives her flowers from his bag and gets leaves to decorate. Pari decorates rangoli and says outer part is still left. Sai sees chuna/calcium hydroxide pots nearby and asks Pari to bring them. Shee brings pot and decorates outer circle with chuna. Sai says it is very beautiful.
Keshav with Tatya goes to jeweler’s shop to pawn Rukmini’s bangle and identifying jeweler as Kulkarni’s friend asks Tatya to go in and pawn it. Tatya walks in and shows bangle to jeweler. Jeweler says he can give 20 rs max. Tatya agrees. Jeweler asks his name. Tatya thinks it is Keshav’s and he cannot claim his name, so he says Keshav. Jeweler asks surname. Tatya says only Keshav. Jeweler pays him and seeing him nervous thinks it must be stolen jewel, opens window to check and sees Keshav with Tatya and realizes Keshav pawned it via his friend and thinks of informing Kulkarni.

Pari guards her decorated rangoli drawing and seeing 2 men passing towards it stops them and requests them to walk aside. They walk aside. Pari then keeps slippers around rangoli with her chuna smeared hands to protect it. Women return from temple and seeing chuna on their slippers yell at Pari and warn Shubhangi to control her daughter, else she will be go out of control and compare her to Tara as well cultured and Pari as mischievous. Shubhangi angrily drags Pari from there. Women walk away without noticing rangoli. Baizaa maa notices it and thinks everyone saw Pari’s mischief but not her beautiful rangoli.

Precap: Shubhangi scolds Pari for spoiling her dress and compares her to Tara. Sai says when a person passes through happiness and sorrows, its effect falls on whole universe.

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