Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th February 2019 Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 5th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Mishri getting glad to know the truth. She shouts Bapu and runs to hug Akhilesh. Everyone looks on. Mishri says you are my dad. Akhilesh asks what nonsense. Mishri removes the hair wig. They get shocked. Mishri cleans her face. She says you are my dad, I m Mishri. He says you here. Mishri greets Pushpa and says I m saying truth, I m your granddaughter. Pushpa asks how can this happen. Mishri says Akhilesh had married my mum. Devina asks what nonsense, he had married Ira and she is no more. Ira comes and says I m alive. She removes the hair wig and moustache. They get shocked. Ira says Mishri is our daughter.

Devina asks how can this happen, we know Akhilesh can never become a father. Ira tells them the entire truth of artificial insemination. She says Mishri

is Akhilesh’s blood. Mishri says I longed for father’s love so much, please hug me. Akhilesh recalls Trinethri baba’s words. He says come with me. Pushpa asks where are you taking her. He says I have to give her to baba, I had promised him. Ira says don’t do this, I kept Mishri away because of this, she is our daughter, I won’t let you take her. He says I have a right on her too, I won’t break my promise. He pushes Ira and takes Mishri. Ira’s imagination ends. She cries. Mishri goes out. Ira thinks I can’t let this truth come out, I have to take Mishri from here. Ira asks for leave. Pushpa asks who will take care of kids if you go. Kunika says I have a confession.
Pushpa asks what does that mean. Devina calls her uneducated. Kunika says I want to confess my love for kids, I will take their responsibility. Pushpa says I m lucky to get such bahu. Ira thinks Kunika will know Mishri’s truth some day. Ira says I won’t take leave, I will stay back and take care of kids. Akhilesh asks how did you change your mind. Kunika says I will take care of kids. Mishri says I m not excited. Vansh says we are excited, you have to give us a bath. Kunika says I will arrange bubble bath for you. Vansh asks Ira to relax, Mishri’s makeup and wig won’t get removed. Devina asks Ira to go and do duty at the gate. She asks kids to come along. Mishri asks why did you agree to Kunika. Vansh says we will take revenge since she left you in the market. Mishri agrees. Vansh plays with bubbles. Kunika asks them to stop it now. They trouble Kunika with soap. Kunika falls down. They laugh on her. They warn Kunika.

She says so its your plan, you both are monsters, stop me if you can, its my challenge. She acts to fall down again and shouts to call Akhilesh. She says save me, see what these kids did. Akhilesh comes and asks are you okay. Kunika says no, I fell down because of them. She cries. Akhilesh scolds Vansh and Monu. He lifts Kunika and takes her. Mishri finds a way and hides her face by paper bag. She writes sorry on the paper bag. She asks Akhilesh where is he. She says I have come to say sorry. She doesn’t see him. She goes to washroom to make holes in the paper bag. She wears it again. She hears footsteps and thinks Akhilesh has come. Aditya comes to room to steal cash. Mishri sees him. He goes. She says its wrong that he has stolen money. Devina comes to ask Akhilesh for Vansh’s fees. They see Monu hiding face. Devina screams. Mishri says I have come to say sorry without showing face. Akhilesh smiles and says at least write right spelling for sorry. He recalls Ira.

Pushpa says Monu made place in your heart. Akhilesh smiles. Devina and Kunika make a plan. Aditya locks Mishri in room. Mishri cries and prays to get help.

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