Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th February 2019 Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 6th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Akhilesh saying some cash is missing. Devina asks what, it means Bahadur has done this, I guarantee you, you will get money there. Mishri worries and recalls Aditya. Pushpa asks Devina what is she doing. Devina checks Bahadur’s bag. She drops Ira and Mishri’s pic. Ira sees it and hides. Mishri thinks Aditya did the theft, I have to tell truth. Devina doesn’t get anything. Ira says I didn’t steal anything. Devina says police will make you admit it. Akhilesh says let Bahadur go. Pushpa asks Devina to stop. Mishri says Bahadur didn’t steal, I was in room, I have seen the note bundles have tilak, one who has tilak notes will be thief. Aditya worries and checks the notes. He thinks there is no tilak. Mishri asks Aditya how did he get money. Aditya says its my money,

these notes have no tilak. Mishri says I just told that so that you check these notes. Aditya says you mean I m a thief. He raises hand. Akhilesh stops Aditya and says don’t dare to raise hand on kid. He takes money and checks.
He says its the same serial number notes. He scolds Aditya and goes. Pushpa asks him to listen. Devina shouts on Aditya and goes. Ira sees Mishri. Mishri says no one can falsely blame you. Ira says she went on Akhilesh and can’t see injustice.

Mishri goes to Aditya and taunts. Aditya says get out. Mishri says go and say sorry to Akhilesh. He says this house belongs to my dad, Akhilesh is a thief. Mishri says no, he is very nice. Aditya says he is our enemy, he hates kids, especially you, we can take revenge on him. Mishri says no, I won’t do anything to harm him, he is hero for me, he takes care of everyone, I won’t trouble him and won’t let you trouble him. Akhilesh hears Monu and smiles.

Kunika asks what’s up, are you thinking about me. He says no, I m thinking of Monu, he is teaching a lesson to Aditya. Pushpa says yes, he has good values. Akhilesh says he reminds me of my childhood. Pushpa says you are smiling because of a kid, I think Monu made place in your heart. Kunika thinks to do something. Devina says why did Aditya do this, Akhilesh will never give me money, what should I do. Kunika shows her money and asks is this enough. She gives money and says we have to teach a lesson to Monu. Devina says consider it done, I have a plan. She tells her plan. Kunika says perfect. Devina acts to fall. Mishri worries. Devina says go and get ointment from bathroom. She calls Aditya. Aditya locks up Mishri. Kunika plays music and says I want to teach Salsa to kids, we will have some bonding. Pushpa says you think good. Kunika dances with Vansh.

Mishri calls out everyone. Devina increases the volume and dances. Mishri gets scared when lights go off. Pushpa asks where is Monu. Aditya scares Mishri further. Mishri prays for help. Akhilesh and everyone dance. Ira comes home and sees Pushpa dancing. She asks is it your birthday. Pushpa says no, Kunika is teaching us dance. Ira asks where is Monu, I will get him. Aditya says get fresh juice for everyone. Ira thinks where is Mishri. Mishri chants Hanuman Chalisa. Akhilesh goes away to answer call. Mishri hears Akhilesh’s voice. She sees him from window and shouts. She throws a shampoo bottle. Akhilesh sees this and turns. She says I m here, Monu, help. Akhilesh sees Monu and runs upstairs. He asks everyone to stop the music. He says Monu is locked in bathroom, he is crying. Kunika thinks Monu always saved himself, if Akhilesh knows this was our plan, he will not leave me.

Mishri cares for Akhilesh. Akhilesh says why am I getting attached to Monu. Ira says you will be attached to your daughter. He asks what did you say.

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