Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th February 2019 Written Update

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 8th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Akhileesh finding Ira/Bhadur’s shirt torn and giving his jacket to her. Kunika likes a dress and asks him will he not say I love you her even after seeing her in this short dress. Akhilesh says its a public place, I m uncomfortable. Kunika says you aren’t able to forget your ex wife, I selected this dress to look beautiful for you, if you really like me, you will tell me I love you. She goes to change. Akhilesh asks what do you think Bahadur, am I not able to forget my first wife, she made me realize love but gave me much pain.

He asks Bahadur to try a shirt. Ira goes to change. Ira cries and says so sorry Akhilesh, I never want you to not move on because of me. Akhilesh says Kunika wants to hear I love you from me, fine I will prove it to her that I don’t

miss Ira now. He goes to Kunika. Kunika says I m ready, but are you ready to accept your love. He says yes, I m coming there. He goes to another trial room and sees Ira. He gets shocked. Ira shuts the door. Akhilesh says how can this happen, what is Ira doing here, no I might be imagining this. He goes. Ira says Akhilesh can’t know that I m Bahadur. She wears the shirt and takes Bahadur’s disguise. He says don’t know what is she doing here, I have to ask her not to try and meet Pushpa. He goes back to talk to her. He asks a man about Ira. The man says sorry, I didn’t see. Kunika says I was calling you to show the dress. Ira comes there as Bahadur. Akhilesh says give me some time, I m so sure that this color will suit you. They go. Ira says thank God, he didn’t know that I m Ira, Kunika has distracted him.
Pushpa feeds Birju’s fav food to crows. She wishes happy valentines day to Birju. Devina gets pasta for Birju. They get arguing. They keep the food plates and ask crows to come. Mishri and Vansh play games. Mishri wins the game. Vansh gets angry and goes. Mishri asks him not to get jealous and win next time. Vansh says I don’t like this game. Mishri tells him about another game. She asks him to aim the stone and hit. Vansh agrees to play. A crow comes to eat pasta. Devina smiles. Pushpa looks on. Devina dances happily and says Birju loves me a lot. Mishri aims the stone again. Crow flies again and goes to eat food from Pushpa’s plate. Mishri says I have won. Pushpa gets glad. Devina gets angry. They argue again. Bhavik sings happily. He says its valentines day, its special as its on full moon day, I have confessed love to Bhoomi.

Mishri tells him that Ira has gone as driver with Akhilesh. Bhavik asks her not to worry. He says I will do something that they both celebrate valentines. Bhavik calls Ira and asks where are you. Ira says I have come to a clothes shop with Akhilesh. Bhavik says just tell Akhilesh that his car broke down. Ira asks why. He insists. Bhavik asks Mishri to get ready as Mishri fast. She runs. Akhilesh says mechanic is coming, what happened to the car. Ira says maybe the wire broke. Akhilesh sits to work. Kunika says lets go for romantic lunch. He says mechanic will come. Ira thinks its all my fault that he has become such. Mechanic comes. Ira thinks he will know that there is no problem in car. Mechanic says radiator got hot. Akhilesh says fix it soon. Mechanic says Bhavik has send me to pass time. Bhavik comes there with Mishri. He asks Mishri to remember what she has to do. Mishri smiles. She runs on the road. Akhilesh sees her. He thinks Ira’s daughter is here, it means Ira will be around, I have to talk to her, if mum knows Ira is alive, it will be a big problem.

Mishri says you look good with my mum. Akhilesh and Ira dance on Raabta…. Mishri claps for them.

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