Musakaan 11th March 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 11th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 11th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ronak asking Muskaan to have food. She refuses. He asks her to have it and leaves the food there. She says leaving food will be an insult. She eats the food. He looks on and smiles. She drinks the tea as well. Kajal gets a call and goes. Mrs. Sinha says breakfast was good, I have some work, I will come soon. Lovely asks Gayatri for some money. Muskaan comes in an intoxicated state and calls Lovely shameless to ask for money. Everyone looks on. Muskaan insults Lovely. Lovely gets angry. Muskaan says you all scold me all day.

Ronak and Hanumant come home, and get happy seeing Muskaan’s anger blast. Ronak says I think something is fishy, where is Mrs. Sinha, is she hiding and watching this, you go and handle her. Hanumant goes. Bunty makes a video of Muskaan. Kajal asks where

is Mrs. Sinha. Bunty says she has gone out, I m making video to show her. Kajal says don’t make video, Mrs. Sinha will think its our planning, she should come here and see. Muskaan asks Lovely to think about her own character sometimes. She says you don’t how to live your life, you should handle your husband, you are living in Maayka and asking money for your demands. Lovely’s husband comes and stops Muskaan.
He asks are you drunk, how can you say this to my wife. Muskaan laughs and makes fun of him and Bunty. She calls them careless and lazy. She says you both don’t run mind, but just tongue, you are living here free at no cost. Kajal calls Mrs. Sinha and informs her about Muskaan’s drama. Mrs. Sinha says I m coming. Bua shouts enough Muskaan, not a word against my son, else I will beat you. Muskaan attacks Bua. Bunty stops her. Everyone worries. Muskaan says Bua you should talk good to people, you always insult people. Bunty calls her mad and asks her to get lost. Kajal goes to pick Mrs. Sinha. Bunty threatens Muskaan. Muskaan beats Bua and Bunty. Everyone gets shocked. Mrs. Sinha is on the way. Hanumant gets a girl there to keep Mrs. Sinha busy. The girl asks Mrs. Sinha for help.

Dolly asks Muskaan to stop the misbehavior at once. Muskaan says you changed your colors, you were my friend, you ended friendship, you were in hurry to get married, you trusted Armaan and made me quit college, I will become independent, no one can stop me, I will fulfill my mum’s dream. Sir ji asks Muskaan to leave Dolly’s hand. Muskaan pushes Dolly aside. She goes to Sir ji and says you should be handcuffed and punished for your crimes. Muskaan says you are Sir ji, my mum’s murderer. Gayatri gets shocked. Muskaan says you are snake hiding behind your white clothes. Sir ji pushes her. Gayatri comes in between and says enough now. Muskaan cries and says my sweet Maa. Ronak looks on. She says you are my cute mum, Sir ji is not good for you, you regard him husband, your Lord, but every husband isn’t Lord, he is a devil. Gayatri says not a word more. Muskaan asks her to bless her. Gayatri turns away. Muskaan says I wish you loved me like before, I don’t care what everyone thinks about me, it matters what you care for me, don’t make me away.

Muskaan gives medicines to Bua. Bua gets unwell. Everyone worries. Muskaan is on the way. She gets kidnapped.

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