Musakaan 12th February 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 12th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 12th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gayatri thanking Ronak for facing problems and still managing everything. She asks him to move on. Sujoy says nothing is imp to me than you, not even my career. Gayatri asks Ronak not to do any mistake that defames them. Ronak assures her that he won’t do anything. Sujoy asks Muskaan is she ready to marry him. Muskaan gets emotional and says I m ready to marry you. He says I will manage this relation and career too. Gayatri tells Sir ji about the girls and guy’s bachelor party planned by Kajal and Ronak. Kajal leads the team and tells them about the celebrations. Ronak is with his friends. He parties with them. He says I wish I could go and meet Muskaan, and tell her the truth. Sir ji dances and says best of luck for your new life. Ronak gets away. He says I didn’t tell the

truth to Muskaan, I just told her that I was taking care of Aarti and apologized, but she didn’t listen to me. Muskaan gets the mehendi applied.
Kajal also gets her mehendi and smiles. Hanumant says you have to tell everything to Muskaan well, so that she understands it well. Dolly says we will play truth or dare now, its an easy game. She explains the rules. They play the game. Kajal asks Gayatri did she had any boyfriend. Gayatri says yes. Kajal asks what was his name. Bua asks what are you saying. Gayatri says yes, now he has become my husband. They laugh. Bunty explain the casino game to everyone. Ronak says I will tell all the details of the story to Muskaan. Hanumant nods. Gayatri says we had an arranged marriage, but when I used to go college and complete studies, my husband used to hide from family and come to meet me. They smile. Ronak says I m hungry and goes. He tells Hanumant that he will bring truth out in his style. Hanumant asks him to cancel kidnapping, he can get defamed. Ronak says this is the last chance to tell her the truth. Sir ji looks on. Hanumant says your dad is preparing to stop you, see how he is keeping an eye on you, he won’t let you go. Jaya shows the bridal lahenga to Muskaan.

Aarti says I feel scared, I wish Muskaan gets married in peace, we will start a new life with Sujoy. Muskaan nods. Sir ji asks Ronak where is he going. Ronak says I didn’t know I will need your permission to go to washroom. Kajal says we should go there and shock the guys. Dolly and Lovely ask her not to spoil Ronak’s party. Kajal asks them to think again, if they go there, the party will get more happening. They agree to go. Ronak jumps out of window. He sees the guards and runs away. The guards see him and inform Sir ji that Ronak has run away. Sir ji sees Gayatri and everyone coming. He stops them and asks them to go back. Ronak comes to meet Muskaan.

He asks her to come along right away. She asks him to leave right away. He points the gun at Aarti and asks Muskaan will she come or not. Muskaan says I knew you have a Raavan in you, I didn’t know that you will not have any humanity left. She begs him to leave Aarti. He says I don’t know anything, I swear I m helpless because of you, come with me, I need to talk to you. Sujoy comes. Ronak asks Sujoy to get back. Sujoy says Muskaan won’t go anywhere. Muskaan says I will go, just leave my mum. Jaya says Ronak is a devil just like his dad. Sujoy says Muskaan you won’t go with him. Ronak asks Muskaan to just come. Ronak says you have made me helpless to do this. He apologizes to Aarti and leaves her. He locks the door and goes with Muskaan. Sujoy tries to open the door. Ronak keeps the gun inside and takes Muskaan with him.

Sujoy says Ronak does the mistakes always. Muskaan says Ronak had pointed gun at Aarti’s head and kidnapped me. She complains about Ronak. Ronak gets arrested.

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