Musakaan 12th July 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 12th July 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 12th July 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Muskaan dragging Sir ji after handcuffing him. Everyone asks her to stop. Muskaan talks in dream. Ronak wakes up and asks what happened. She says nothing, I made a heroic entry and …. He asks her to sleep, she will wake up fresh. They sleep. Its morning, Gayatri does puja. She smiles seeing Muskaan in the uniform. Muskaan says you know what I have seen in dream. Gayatri says you have put the criminals behind bars. Muskaan says yes, I will do my duty with sincerity and honesty, I will bring a change in the society. Ronak comes. Gayatri blesses Muskaan. She asks Ronak to feed curd and sugar to Muskaan. She goes. Ronak says I have to talk something imp. She asks what is it. He says I have to save our relation, I m indebted to Sir ji, you have a chance to save our relation, I will

explain. He shows a file and says Sir ji gave these brothel papers, he has sold it, he left all the bad things, he gave us keys of Mumbai house, just think about it, he wants us to go there.
She says you never believed him before, why are you coming in his words, he can’t be trusted. He says I have a problem with the motive of your job, you want to ruin him, please, I want everything to get fine like before, forget everything, he took the first step by forgetting the hatred, how long will you get stuck in this, save our relation please, take a decision, can you accept the flat keys or do you want to keep the hatred going and accept these handcuffs, think that a family will be together by your decision, I m dying to be with you. She cries. He feeds her curd and sugar. He goes. She comes to the police station. She thinks I have to spend life with Ronak, I love him, and this job is a weapon against Sir ji. Constables see her and joke calling her a dancer. She asks when will our duties get allotted. The man says go and wait, Sir will decide it. She goes and greets the senior. She asks him to please appoint her the duty. He sees her and recalls her. He says you met me before, you have to be patient, you have to take baby steps and move on, go and wait outside, you will also get your duty. She goes out.

A girl says I have to file a complaint, a guy made my video when I was changing my dress in the changing room, that guy has run away. The constable asks her to don’t visit that showroom again, its a small thing, don’t waste my time, go from here. Muskaan says its your duty to write the complaint. Constable scolds her and asks her to help the girl if she has so much sympathy for her. Muskaan goes to inspector and says no one is ready to write the girl’s complaint. He says good, get him here. She asks constable to talk to Sir. Constable Purushottam comes to Inspector. He says that girl is saying some guy had made her video, I asked her not to go there again, matter is over. Inspector says he is right. Muskaan asks why, that guy is at fault, he should get punished. Inspector says you are also right. Muskaan says give me this case, I want to solve it.

He asks how. She says I will go there as customer and catch that guy red-handed. He says he may doubt on you, change your inform and go, good confidence. She thinks to get justice for the girl. She asks the girl to come with her. Inspector asks Purushottam to send Das Gupta. He asks Das to follow Muskaan and make sure that she doesn’t make any mistake. Muskaan sees Gayatri outside and asks what happened. Gayatri says I wanted to talk to you. Muskaan asks the girls to sit in the car. Gayatri says I got to know what Ronak told you, this chance to start a new life will get love for you, think and decide. Muskaan asks can we talk later, I have to go for a case. Muskaan thinks of Ronak’s words and goes. She meets Bua, Lovely and Dolly in the market. They ask her to stop the fight. They say we got to know about Ronak’s offer, don’t misunderstand us, Sir ji didn’t compel us. Bua says leave this anger, just move on with Ronak. They go. Muskaan thinks of Ronak’s words.

Muskaan goes to changing room. She sees someone recording. She catches the guy.

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