Musakaan 13th March 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 13th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 13th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sir ji asking Ronak to value relations over Muskaan, his Bua is poisoned. Mrs. Sinha asks him to call police and get Muskaan caught. Ronak says I will find out, give me some time. Sir ji asks them to go, he will get some constables to guard. He stops Ronak and says trust me, I m not behind this, you find out where is Muskaan. Ronak says I know what you can do and what Muskaan can do, if anything happens to Muskaan, I will disappear you, you can never come back then. He warns Sir ji and goes. Kajal hears them.

Muskaan asks the goons to leave her. She gets shocked seeing Bunty and Lovely’s husband. Bunty says our loan will get paid by you. They say you insulted us in the morning, and we took our revenge, you know your price, 30 lakhs. She asks what are you saying. Bunty says

I don’t want to see your face ever. They leave. Muskaan gets shocked when Sir ji comes. Kajal informs everything to Sujoy. She says Bua blamed Muskaan and case is filed in police. Sujoy ask what nonsense is this, where is Muskaan. Kajal says if you find out where is Muskaan, you can win and take her away, Ronak will do anything to find her, you have to reach her first, its my responsibility to stop Ronak. He agrees. He says I will find her and take Muskaan with me, I will win this war. Kajal says I have to use Muskaan’s absence, Ronak will become mine today. Ronak tries to find Muskaan. Sir ji says you will be thinking how did this happen. He tells his loan of how he got his family members Bunty and Dipendra involved in kidnapping Muskaan.
He says you are wanted by police, you gave poison to my sister, there is half murder case on you, police is finding you. She asks what happened to Bua, I didn’t give her any poison. Sir ji says court will decide this, doctor gave certificate that Bua was poisoned, its time for you to leave from our lives. He points gun at her. He asks is there anyone here to save you. The money lenders come and ask Sir ji not to kill her. The man says we have done her deal with a special man, we are getting 30 lakhs from him, please leave, we respect you a lot, business is business. Sir ji says I understand, how much you respect me. He leaves. Ronak says Hanumant, I told you to be with Muskaan, just come home and meet me.

Kajal asks what happened, did you meet Muskaan. Ronak says no. She asks him not to take stress. She tries to charm him. Aaj dikha de…..plays…. She plays a song and gets close. He says we will share sorrow together, come. She smiles. Muskaan says let me go, don’t do this. Some men get the money bag and take Muskaan away. Ronak makes Kajal drunk to get rid of her. Kajal says you are very nice, I love you a lot. She falls asleep. Ronak makes her sleep on the bed. He says your mind will come on place when you get conscious. Hanumant comes and says I didn’t find Muskaan, I heard a man bought a girl for 50 lakhs. They hide and see Bunty and Dipendra going out in some party. Ronak asks where are they going.

Its morning, Kajal wakes up. Mrs. Sinha comes and asks where is Ronak. Kajal says maybe he went to meet Bua. Mrs. Sinha asks did he say anything about Muskaan. Kajal says no, actually Ronak and I united yesterday, Mrs. Sinha says we will talk later, I m going to hospital. Kajal says I will come along. Sir ji says police isn’t able to find one girl. He scolds inspector. Bua says don’t find her, I have to take the complaint back. They all get shocked.

Ronak falls over his car when a truck speeds up. He follows the truck. Muskaan is locked up inside.

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