Musakaan 14th March 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 14th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 14th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bua saying I was angry yesterday, why would Muskaan do this, maybe I had eaten something wrong, I don’t want to complaint against her. Sir ji says you are my blood, why are you doing this, don’t be scared, Muskaan did this, so she isn’t coming back, she disappeared. They get shocked seeing Muskaan. Muskaan says I gave you the medicine from the box. Inspector asks where were you last night. Sir ji worries. Mrs. Sinha asks where were you.

Ronak comes and sees Muskaan. He asks her to answer, where was she. Muskaan says I went to temple. Mrs. Sinha asks did you stay there all night. Muskaan says my mum used to go there, I went there when I felt restless, pandit said the route is isolated and I should go in morning, so I stayed back. Bua gets discharged. Gayatri says we shall

go home.
Sir ji is on the way. Ronak scares him and stops the car close. Sir ji asks what do you want. Ronak says I want to kill you. Sir ji says then kill me and make your mum a widow, you go to jail for entire life. Ronak says I m not scared to go to jail, I m afraid for mum, if anything happens to you, she will lose her breath. Sir ji says I didn’t do anything in this. Ronak says I wish your heart was clean as your white clothes, I was finding Muskaan, I saw Bunty and Dipendra going in the party, I followed them to the party and caught them. He scolds Bunty and says your mum is poisoned, you are dancing here. Bunty says we fulfilled an assignment, got paid and now we are partying. Ronak asks him to tell truth. Dipendra says wait, I will tell you, we were gambling and lost money, the man asked us to do a task and we did that. Ronak asks what task, tell me. Bunty says we got a task to kidnap Muskaan. Ronak gets angry.

He scolds them for falling so low. He asks Hanumant to put them in car, they will take them to the money lenders. They catch the money lender and learn that Muskaan is sold to a brothel. Ronak takes details from them. He asks Hanumant to keep an eye on them. He goes and tracks the truck. He signs the driver to stop. The truck doesn’t stop. Ronak follows the truck. He stops the truck. He points gun at the man and asks him to show what’s behind. He asks all the men to move aside. He shouts Muskaan. He gets inside the truck to check. He sees Muskaan and gets her out. She hugs him. He takes Muskaan with him. Sujoy comes there and looks on. He wears a mask and goes to hit Ronak. Ronak and Muskaan fall other sides. Ronak rolls down and falls far. Sujoy takes Muskaan with him. Ronak gets up and looks on. He runs to stop Sujoy and falls down.

Sujoy asks Muskaan to be quiet and points gun at her. He drives off. Ronak gets shocked. He runs to his car and follows them. Muskaan says please let me go. Sujoy thinks I had to follow Ronak knowing he will do anything to get you, I snatched you from him, I will take you away from Ronak. Ronak brings his car in front and stops them. Muskaan runs to Ronak. Sujoy comes in between and stops her.

Ronak says you will kidnap her in front of me. They fight. Ronak bashes him up. He tries to pull off the face mask. Sujoy stops him and pushes him away. Ronak takes a stick and hits on his head. He calls him a coward. He says I will see your real face today. The truck comes again. Muskaan shouts Ronak. Ronak stops and sees Muskaan kidnapped again. He leaves Sujoy and runs to save Muskaan. Ronak takes the other route and stops the truck.

Ronak says I can’t see wrong happening with you, I will fight with everyone and protect you, I will my promise to Aarti. Muskaan says I will also keep my promise given to mum.

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