Musakaan 4th February 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 4th February 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 4th February 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sujoy confessing love to Muskaan. AKR asks him to get ready for Muskaan’s reply. He calls Muskaan. Aarti asks Muskaan to answer call. Muskaan answers call and talks to Sujoy. He says your answer won’t affect our friendship, I always wanted to bring joy in your life, I m capable to do this now, I know you have seen me just as friend, I also regarded you friend, but I love you, a good friend can become your true life partner. Aarti nods. Everyone smiles. Sujoy asks Muskaan will she make him her life partner. Everyone hears Sujoy. Sujoy asks will you marry me. Ronak hears them and thinks of Muskaan. Aarti goes to Muskaan and signs her yes. AKR says Muskaan answer him. Muskaan says yes. Ronak gets shocked. Sujoy smiles happily. Sir ji gets relieved.

AKR says Muskaan has

said yes, and here Sujoy is smiling. Ronak thinks of Muskaan and cries. He leaves. Sujoy happily hugs the people at radio station. Ronak comes home. Gayatri happily hugs him. Kajal looks at him. Sujoy comes home and sees Muskaan. He gets tensed. Suzaine hugs him. Ronak says whatever I told you over the radio show was part of it. Sujoy says the words I told was not a part of radio show, I really want to marry Muskaan. He seeks Aarti’s permission. Aarti agrees and gives Muskaan’s hand to him. Ronak holds Kajal’s hand and takes her to a beautifully decorated place. Sujoy also takes Muskaan to show his beautiful surprise. Ronak says I will propose you in front of my family. He proposes Kajal for marriage. Sujoy also gets down on knees. He proposes Muskaan. Muskaan sees Aarti happy and forwards her hand. Sujoy makes her wear the ring. Ronak makes Kajal wear the ring. Everyone smiles.
Ronak and Kajal have a registered marriage in the presence of family members. Ronak sees Gayatri happy and signs. Sir ji smiles. Aarti asks Sujoy to stop calling her Maasi now, she is going to become his mum-in-law. She asks Muskaan to do his tilak. Muskaan asks her to do it. He says yes, I can do work well and get promotion. Aarti does his tilak. Muskaan gets curd for him. He says I was thinking to take some holidays for marriage. Muskaan says no, rasams will be according to your duty timings, we will have Sangeet today and then haldi and marriage, we will have a private wedding at the temple, I mean if you don’t have any objection. He says why would I have any objection, I don’t want any grand wedding, I want you, mum and family, you are fulfilling my wish by marrying me. Lawyer says congrats, marriage got completed.

Bua goes to get sweets. Sir ji hugs Ronak. Gayatri refuses to have sweets. Ronak asks the matter, why is she sad. He says I know you don’t like this formal marriage, don’t worry there is a surprise for you. Kajal says we will have a marriage following all the rituals, we can add western functions. Gayatri gets glad and asks them to do anything they want. Kajal says fine, we will make love promised and then Ronak will make me wear love pendant. Sujoy says I will do as you say. Muskaan asks him to go on his duty. Aarti says we will go for shopping in some time, we will get saree and mangalsutra. He says I will come to pick you, I can do this for my marriage, don’t worry, I won’t compromise with my work. Muskaan says remember its Sangeet today. He says I will come and goes. Aarti says Sujoy understands you so well, you would have not got a better life partner than him, right. Muskaan says yes, what else do I need.

Ronak and Muskaan collide. They see each other. Muskaan scolds him. Ronak says she has much hatred for me, I will tell her the entire truth.

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