Musakaan 4th March 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 4th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 4th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ronak coming to the college and getting those mean guys get dressed as women. He asks Hanumant to play music. He makes the guys dance on Kamariya. Muskaan looks on. Ronak warns the guys. He makes them apologize to Muskaan. He takes Muskaan in his car. They come home. Ronak asks Muskaan to say what happened. She asks why did you do this, I have to college every day, don’t you have any other way to help. He asks what do you mean, you are selfish, I used to worry for you so much when you were not here, I just keep my eyes on you and Sir ji, I think ten times before talking to you, so that I don’t hurt you, I didn’t hurt you, did you think why we are together, we got separated and came together, the reason is fate, tell me what is it, you are in my room with me, why, there was no

possibility for this, I promised Aarti that I will always protect you, I will keep my promise.
Muskaan cries and asks did you understand my perception on my life, so much is happening, I got my mumma and then I lost her, I was marrying Sujoy and lost him, then I came here to live with you, I should be thankful to you, but I got against you. He asks Muskaan not to cry. He says I care for you, fine you don’t like me, you don’t like my care, I agree, you don’t like my ways, but don’t cry, I just want to protect you, no one will hurt you, don’t cry please, I filled your maang to shut the mouths of those men people, how dare they call you another woman, I won’t force you to accept the marriage, I just care for you and stay happy, because I ….. we can still stay as friends. She holds his hand. He says now we are friends and have to keep friendship, you should always smile.

Gayatri asks Kajal to come with her and do Shiv Abhishek. Ronak says I will do it with my wife Muskaan. Tabassum comes. Muskaan argues with her. She says I will not go back to brothel. Tabassum says fine, give me ten lakhs, else dance for clients. Hanumant gets a guy. Kajal gets shocked seeing him. The guy says I m Manav, I m Kajal’s ex-fiance. They get shocked. Manav says I have come to help Kajal. Ronak goes to Sir ji and says I have played this trick, you called Tabassum and I called Kajal’s ex BF to welcome Mrs. Sinha, how did you like it. He recalls meeting Hanumant and planning to bring Kajal’s past back. Kajal asks Gayatri not to give imp to her past. Gayatri assures her. Ronak claps for their justice, since they are pushing Muskaan into the past and staining her character. Kajal argues with him. Mrs. Sinha asks Muskaan will she like to go back into her past. Muskaan refuses.

Mrs. Sinha says Ronak is right, the decision can’t be taken based on past. Ronak agrees. He gives money to Tabassum and asks her to forget Muskaan completely. He asks Manav to go, Kajal doesn’t want to go back in her past. Manav leaves. Ronak asks Tabassum to get out. Ronak takes Muskaan and says we will do puja together. He goes with her. Gayatri stops them. Mrs. Sinha asks Gayatri to allow them to do puja. Gayatri says Muskaan can do puja after we do it. Muskaan agrees. Ronak says fine, if you want this, I won’t do the Abhishek. Pandit says I feel that we are insulting Shiv because of ego, everyone is equal in Lord’s sight. Gayatri agrees and lets Ronak do Abhishek with Muskaan.

Someone tries to kill Ronak. Ronak gets shocked.

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