Musakaan 7th March 2019 Written Update

Musakaan 7th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Musakaan 7th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ronak asking Dolly not to get mad and calm down. She tells him that he has gone mad for Muskaan. Dolly says I can trust Armaan, but not Muskaan. She gets angry on Muskaan. She asks Muskaan to just leave. Muskaan asks Dolly not to ruin her life because of her. Ronak stops Muskaan and says Muskaan won’t leave this house. Mrs. Sinha stops them and supports Muskaan. Muskaan says fine, if I can’t go from here, what does Dolly want from me. Sir ji says I will tell you what we want, you have to assure us that you won’t go to college. Dolly says yes, Muskaan won’t go there.

Ronak says Muskaan will go to college, its not her mistake. Muskaan says I won’t go to college and complete studies by correspondence. She cries and goes from there. Dolly and Armaan get tilak and aarti

done by Gayatri. Dolly gets happy. Gayatri does their roka. Everyone hugs happily. Muskaan stays disturbed. Mrs. Sinha comes to explain her. She asks her to think that the family is in tension because of her, they don’t like you, if you stay here, Ronak, you and entire family will be hurt, if this goes on, then your mum’s dreams, your dreams, what will happen of them. Ronak comes to Sir ji and asks why are you doing this. He scolds Sir ji and says you are a devil, sorry, you are not even that, you have no right to live, stay away from Muskaan else I will kill you.
Gayatri hears them. Kajal troubles Muskaan and goes to washroom first. Ronak thinks how to send Muskaan to college. Kajal says I forgot to get clothes, if Muskaan is at home, Ronak will be around her. She thinks what to do. She puts water on the washroom floor. She asks Muskaan to go and take bath first. Muskaan agrees. She gets a call. Armaan says just listen to me once, I have to talk to you about Dolly, come to college and meet me, don’t say no. Ronak looks on and goes to take a bath. Kajal worries that he will get hurt. He slips on the floor. Kajal and Muskaan hear the sound of his fall. Ronak tries to get up. They rush to help him. Ronak gives his hand. Kajal and Muskaan hold his hand. They also fall down. Bua and Mrs. Sinha come and sees Ronak, Muskaan and Kajal under the shower. They get shocked. Bua asks what am I seeing. Mrs. Sinha asks how will I take decision after seeing this. Muskaan says I don’t want any drama in Dolly’s engagement, so I m going, don’t come to find me. She goes. He sees Kajal.

Gayatri asks Sir ji not to let anything happen, everything should be the best. Kajal comes. Sir ji praises his bahu and asks Gayatri to give all the responsibility to Kajal. Kajal says Muskaan is not at home, she said she will come later. Muskaan comes to college and meets Armaan. Armaan says I have to talk about you, if I didn’t take Dolly’s name, you would have not come, I was ashamed and wanted to meet you once, you are in loss and left college, but I spoke to my friend for your admission. She says but…. He goes to hold her hand and asks her to give him some little fees. She says leave my hand. He says this will be just between us. She slaps him. He gets angry and scolds her. He tries to molest her. Muskaan pushes him and runs away. Sir ji is on the way. Someone aims at his car and pulls the trigger. The man shoots at the tyre. Car goes out of control. Driver stops the car. Sir ji gets down and checks. Driver says someone has shot on the tyre. Sir ji says Ronak…. did Ronak get mad.

Muskaan exposes Armaan’s truth and gets insulted by Bua. Ronak looks on.

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