Nazar 15th May 2019 Written Update

Nazar 15th May 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nazar 15th May 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ansh stabs Vedsheree, all are shocked, she kisses his hand and falls down. Ansh stabs Chitali, Avi and Shekhar, Puya cries. ansh cries and says sorry. Piya hugs him. Ansh says I could save them only this way. Mohana comes there and says who will save me? I am your mother. Ansh says you killed Rahul. Mohana falls down after turning blue. Ansh says to Piya that I have to send you away too. Nishant says no, I will find a way. Ansh ties him. Piya says what are you doing? Shalaka said that we can together bring this dagger to life but what will I do away from you? its better I die looking at you and Adi, dont finish our story. She hugs him. Ansh recalls their moments and stabs her in back. Piya is shocked. Ansh says fate will bring us together. Piya says Adi? Ansh says we will meet and Adi will come back. Piya looks at adi and smiles. Piya says to Ansh to take care of Adi, if I forget then remind me of our promise. She dies. Ansh goes to Adi. Nishant says no. Ansh says to Adi that you are going t o sleep for sometime, he breakdowns and frees Nishant. Nihant sees all lying there and says you sent them to different time, how will you meet Piya? Ansh says I will bring Piya back from past. Ansh stabs himself and says I am going to mt Piya. Nishant says how will you recognize her? Ansh takes Piya’s earring and says it will help me find her, he dies too. Nishant says they will not remember anything, how will they comeback? I hope Ansh bring them back. All vanish except Adi and Mohana.

Tara gets Naman’s nessage that parrot flew away. Panna’s son comes there and chokes her. Mayank comes there so he takes parrot’s avatar. Panna comes there and says he is back. Tara says its not a parrot, it becomes man, he tried to kill me. Panna says what are you saying? he is a parrot. Mayank says no, there are finger marks on her body which shows someone tried to choke her.

PRECAP- Ruby comes to Ansh’s house and burns flowers there. she smirks evilly.

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