Nimki Mukhiya 11th March 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 11th March 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 11th March 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
People are fighting. Tettar says to Nimki stop all this. Ritu says Nimki is our DIL after all. They leave. Babbu stands in the round. Rekha gives tea to Annaro and says you will feel better. SHe says there is a scar on your cheek. Dablo says apply cream. She says that wont remove the mark. It is stamped. Annaro says to dablo are you even my son? Sweeti says what have you done for me and dablo? Did you try saving me? or him ever? Rekha says Nimki must be insulting them a lot. Annaro says shut up.

Everyone chants against Babbu. Men on babbu’s side say that you are trying to provoke us against our people. Babbu is Nimki’s husband. Nehar says I will slap you and you will be in your senses. Nimki says yes I am a woman and they wont ever support me. I was used as a servant in the haveli. This babbu never even spoke to me. Diamond says see your face. Do you have worth? Jharya says she is such a drama. She is provoking the people. The men speak against Nimki. Tune beats them. a big fight starts. They beat each other.

Tettar and Ritu come to the minister. He says please try to stop the panchaya. He says your son is taken there. I can’t do anything. This is in paper, dont’ defame me. Go and do something yourself. Tettar says I helped you become who you are. Ritu says don’t mind. He says I am minister nad you were mujhiya. You have no worth now.

People are beating each other in the village. Tettar calls Nimki but he couldn’t speak. They get out of the car. Tettar says ritu you are so useless. My son is there. He says that Nimki is taking over. Ritu says then go and kill her. Tettar says go there and save babbu. Ritu says there is only one way. He calls someone.
Nimki sees people fighting. Nimki says stop. SHe says to Babbu I promised you I will make you wear the same bangle in front of everyone. Men grasp babbu. Nimki brings the bangle.

Precap-Nimki makes Babbu wear the bangle.

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