Nimki Mukhiya 1st March 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 1st March 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 1st March 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Abhi says if you can please forgive me. Babbu recalls what Nimki said. Jhariya says Ritu has gone to get you a bail.
Nimki asks mauha what happened? Why is room so messed. Mauha says yo are forgetting papa. ut i can’t forget them. Abhi and Tune come too. ABhi says let me cook for you all. Mauha says I will cook its okay. Abhi says I am a really good cook. Try it. He says where is mono? Nimki says with ramla. Tune says let me help you.

Tune says why do we live. Abhi says because life is a gift from God. Nimki says papa threw away his gift. Mauha says papa did so wrong. Tune says Muaha. Abhi says Nimki we need to pray for his peace. We are all with you. Tune says if there was anyone but you.. Nimki says no one should be in my shoes. Moraylal comes and tells them about

Annaro says i will call him back once he is bailed. Rekha says so he is scared to come before that? Ritu says it has gotten complicated. Nimki is proceeding with the case. Judge was very angry. Annaro says how could you not influence the judge. Rekha says you said so much. Tettar says everyone is right you are useless. Tettar says take of the coat. Ritu says for now e have to think about Abhi. Annaro says I want my Abhi back.

Anaro says do anything. Ritu says everyone is on Nimki’s side. We have to provoke them against Nimki. You have to come with me. He says where? Ritu says to Nimki’s place. Everyone is dazed.
Tune sits with Mauha and says please eat. Ramla says Babu didn’t get the bail. Today is a happy day. Tune says yes bad days have started. Ramla says I would kill him if he doesn’t get convicted. Moraylal says he will rot it jail. Tune says yes.
Mono says sweeti is calling. Abhi says why is she calling now. Nimki picks.. Sweeti says please listen. She says my father.. Tettar enters the house with Ritu. Ismail says we tried stopping them. Abhi says forgot your insult? How dare you come here. Tettar says I am sorry for Ram’s loss. Ask Ritu. Ritu says yes we are all upset. Tune says this is a show. Go from here. Abhi says get lost before they hit you. Tettar says we are here to talk to Nimki. She is our family. Tune says shut up. Tettar says you are our people too. We can solve this with peace. Ramla says you better not talk about peace. Mauha says go from here. Sweeti is on call. Tettar says I am like a father to you. I will look after you and your siblings. WE are your family. Abhi says get out of here. Tetar says who are you? Tune says get out.

Precap-Nimki says to Tettar I will ruin Babbu’s life.

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