Nimki Mukhiya 2nd March 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd March 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 2nd March 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tettar says who are you? Ritu says we have better relation with her. Tettar says come.. Nimki stands up. Ritu says come with us. He says don’t worry about the things. We have everything in the house. Nimki shoves Tettar and says you are like a father? Nimki says bring your Babu here? Your son raped me. Go and bring him here. Tell me where is. You are like father right? Bring him. She brings him in the public. Tettar says I know she is upset about her father. This entire thing is between husband and wife. Ritu says why is abhi with her all the time? Tettar says she is our DIL. We wouldn’t want any trouble on her. Nimki shoves him. Ritu says listen. Nimki slaps Ritu. Tettar says enough. Nimki says shut up. I can slap you too. Abhi says our Nimki is back. Nimki says bailing your

son and giving me sympathy? I will find your son and make him stand here amid public. She marks a circle. Nimki says look at this place. I will make your son stand here. I will decide what happens to him. I am telling you, I will ruin is life. Sweet is still on call. She says for you, I will bring Babu back. All people chant in Nimki’s support. Rity says I think we should leave. Abi says no one is scared of you anymore. I will bring your son ere like a dog like last time.
Tettar says see my intentions. I could burn this place after what you all this ut I have a relation of heart with this place. If you need anything let me know. Nimki says I will bring your son here. Remember that. They leave.

Babbu says to Annaro I can’t stay here closed. I will die I want to come back. Annaro says your dad is doing everything to bring you back. Rekha says but he is home all day. Babbu says I am coming back. Annro says why didn’t you kill that girl? Didn’t you feel ashamed touching her? Now you are sayng all this? Everything will be okay in a few days. WE will blacken her face in front of everyone.

Annaro says I can’t take it anymore. That Ritu isn’t doing anything. Sweeti says everything will be okay. Is Babbu in Dehli? Sweeti says bhabhi go from here. Sweeti says I wont ever let her know where he is. He is my brother. Is he okay? can Abhi reach to her? Annaro says no no he is in Dehli’s hotel. Sweeti says dont worry I wont let anything happen to Babbu.

Ismail says how dare he come here. Ramla says Nimki answered him well Moraylal says he might be doing some new game. Abhi says I wont let any game work. Tune says maybe Dablo can tell us where Babbu is. Abhi says lets get Dablo. Moraylal says we will get him. You should stay with Nimki. Mauha says where is she? Mono says in her room. Nimki comes out. Mauha says where are you going? She says panchayat. Ramla says what will people say? Nimki says tis my duty. Tune says I will handle everything. Nimki says I will do my job. Mauha says you know what will people say. Abhi says she is doing right. Come Nimki I will drop you there. Nimki comes to panchayat and sees the circle. Abhi holds her hand and says I wont let you lose your challenge go. I will bring Babbu here.

Precap-Tune and abhi ask Dablo where is Babbu? He says I don’t know what exactly the location is. But somewhere in Dehli. Near my uncle’s place. Someone puts a gun on him.

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