Nimki Mukhiya 5th February 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 5th February 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 5th February 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Nimki and Abhi come to garden. She says tune said you asked me to come here. He says Mausi sent me here saying you asked me to come. She says why your mausi lied? He says why your bg lied. She says tune isn’t my bf. Nimmki says I.. He says come I wanna show you something. He closes her eyes.

Tettar says to people welcome here. Tettar says Nimki wanna take off your dignity. She will make your women naked in name of his fashion show. Babbu says your women will be out control after it. The man says why didn’t you stop it? Babbu says ye we will support you but you have to stop it. your women will wear short clothes always if you let them go to thi fashion show.

Abhi brins Nimki to the date table. It is totally decorated. Nimki says this is so pretty. You did

all this? He says yes. Nimki says you brought me on a date? He says please sit. She says this is so filmy. Let’s walk again. Nimki walks on the flowers. She says why is there no music. She asks the waiter to play music. He plays teri ore. Nimki sots on the table. Nimki and Abhi are shhy. Nimki says you are thinking how to start? He says start what. Sh says you have to say something. He says you say first. Nimki says I.. She says love.. Nimki says I wanna talk about Prem in the village. He says that’s what we are here to talk about? Nimki says I think you should start from I? He says start what from I? Nimki says I was thinking to train people to say I love you. Abhi coughs. He says why? She says since it is not easy. Do you think it is? He says no. She says yes that’s why I will train them from movies. I will make them watch movies. Salman said, a man bows down to ma, durga ma and his love.
Nimk says I was thinking.. He says ;ets go. She says but we didn’t even talk.
Ramla practices to walk. MAuha says will this happen? Will abhi say it? He says why not? She says yeah you had such difficulty too. Some men come with hockeys and ask them to stop fashion show. Ramla says why should we. A man hits ramla with stone. They break everything and start beatin people.

Nimki trips, Abhi holds her. She says why do I feel like you wanna say something. She says why do I feel like you wanna say something. They both say I.. Tune calls Nimki and tells her everything happening at ghat tola.

Precap-Nimki calls Babbu an says this fashion show will happen at all costs. Also, I am in love with Abhi. Babbu is angry.

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