Nimki Mukhiya 5th March 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 5th March 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 5th March 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Ramla says it hurts me so much. Tune says yes looking at Nimki. Ramla says we have to be here for them. They collide and the bangle falls. Nimki comes in. She recalls Babbu’s threat. Nimki puts that bangle on the wall. She says I will make Babbu wear this ring. Nimki says in front of whole people. Don’t throw this away.

Abhi calls Sweeti and says please tell me where is your brother. This is your moment to repent. She whispers and says he is Dehli. She says give me few moments I will tell you. Sweeti sees Annaro. She says my babbu is in trouble. I am so worried for him. Sweeti says he must be living in a good hotel. Would he get good food? Annaro says no for his safety he is in a small hotel. Sweeti says where? Annaro says why SHe says I want to go to Babbu and care for him there. Sweeti says you should also go to him. Annaro says your father would never allow it. Annaro says I will ask diamodn to send you there. I would be much satisfied.

Nimki sees mon upset. She says why are you standing here like this? He says I miss papa so much. Nimki hugs him. Ramla says be strong. Nimki says I will shower you like papa used to. Mauha takes the bucket from her. She says nothing can be like it was before. I asked you to not mess with them but see now. How can you forget papa? My papa is gone only because of all this. She shoves Nimki. Ramla says she is upset. I will talk to her. Nimki says Mauha this is our reality. I am the hero.

Abhi is with the minister. He says you have to help us in Nimki’s case. Abhi leaves. Tettar calls him. Minister says do something or your son would be in jail. He tells him how Abhi is after Babbu Ritu says you have to help us and stop him. He says it required money. Hurry up.

Precap-Ritu and Tettar stop Nimki’s car.

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