Nimki Mukhiya 8th February 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 8th February 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 8th February 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Tune asks mono what happened on your knee? Mauha says he fell in the morning. Ramla says why are you upset? Nimki says I saw sweeti. Nimki says is she okay? Ram says why should we talk about her. Nimki says who can live with such a man. I trusted her only but.. I dont’ know what happened.

Sweeti’s phone rings. Ritu picks the phone. Ritu puts it on speaker. Nimki says nice saree. Your saree was replaced by my clothes. Are you happy? Ritu smirks. Nimki says when I looked at you I felt like.. Tell me what happened. Sweeti is in tears. She says I am happy. This is what I chose for myself. I chose ritu. I love him. Nimki says if that’s your happiness. Sweeti says there is nothing to talk about. Don’t call me. Tune says she is okay. Mauha says forget and think about your life. Nimki says yeah if she is happy then why am I upset.

Tettar says we couldn’t stop a girl from ghat tola. Who is her worth. Annaro says you brought her here. And that’s why she got that popularity. He says for power. She says we got nothing at the end of the day. that BDO hit babbu in this house. I want our power back and my son happy. He says trust me that will happen.
Nimki says do something. Do something that she and her father are ashamed for life.

Ram recalls what happened. babbu said if this fashion show happens he will kill everyone. Nimki says this show will be a hit. Ram is in tears. He says they are really bad people. don’t do this fashion. He did so much and I couldn’t do anything. Nimki says you did all that for me. You wanted me happy. ram says I shouldn’t have known you were not happy. Nimki says all that is over. I have moved on. tettar and babbu will be seen in the court. Tune says yes there’s so much to look forward to. Nimki says I am movin on so should you.
Ram says you will get married to BDO. Nimki smiles. She says that’s what I want too. Maua says you are so shameless. Nimki says my barat would come from in front of haveli. It would be fun. Ram gives her prayers. Ram says no more tears. Nimki recall her wedding.

Precap-Mausi gives abhi ring and says give it to Nimki.

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