Nimki Mukhiya 8th March 2019 Written Update

Nimki Mukhiya 8th March 2019 Written Update by Atiba

Nimki Mukhiya 8th March 2019 Written Episode

Scene 1
Abhi shoves Babbu. He says sweeti tie your brother to a chair. Nimki and tune are tied in a grave. Tune tries to wake nimki up. Nimki opens her eyes. She sees men throwing sand on them. Tettar says you see who I am. ANnaro says I told you.. Now live under this sand.
Dablo jumps from the window. Tetar says what are you doing. He says you can’t do this. This is wrong. tettar says don’t tell me what is right what is wrong. Diamond hits them with axe. Dablu says have you lost your mind. rekha takes dablo back in. Rekha says we can’t involve in all this. But what if your father kills us too. Parbatya tries to wake up but faints.

Babbu says why did you come here. She says amma sent me. Abhi slaps Babu. He says you have no worth. You will be punished by Nimki.

Annaro says your grave is ready. Dablo comes out with gun.
Dablo brings his gun. He says enough. He puts gun on Tettar. He says I will shoot no matter who it is. Father or Mother. I will kill you. Tettar says I will shoot.
Nimki opens call. She tries calling Abhi picks. Abhi says Nimki there is a good news. Are you listening? Nimki can’t speak. Abhi hears. Dablo says I wont let anything happen to nimki no matter what happens.

Rekha says dablo please listen to your mom. Stop it. Babbu says I wont let you harm Nimki;. Tettar says come on shoot. Abhi says nimki where are you. Tettar’s men grab Dablo. Tettar puts a gun on dalo. He slaps him and says who are you to her. Now I will shoot you. rekha says please forgive him. This won happen again. Abhi says Tettar if you dare harming Nimki.. Tettar hears his voice. He says okay so you called. Tettar says you can’t stop us. Come save Nimki if you can. He hits Tune. Tettar says they are with us. Abi laughs. Tettar says have you lost your mind. Tettar says listen to this first. Sweeti screams. Ritu says he wont harm Sweeti. Old love. Abhi says I have your son too. You will lose him if anything happens to Nimki.

Precap-Babbu stands in the cirlce Nimki marked for him.

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