Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th March 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th March 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th March 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with kanha and sudhama saying we shall go to kashi and find out how surmani died. Shivang says I shall go back to my house, I will be with my mother. Shivang takes blessings of kanha and goes. Kanha says sudhama, we have to go to kashi and enquire about this. Sudhama says yes, I shall be with you prabhu. Sudhama and kanha go.
Kanha and sudhama travel to kashi. Kanha reaches kashi and prays to mahadev and says har har mahadev, this kashi nagri belongs to mahadev and I always feel happy to come to kashi. Kanha and sudhama then go to the river bank where the challenge was held. Kanha says I have a way to know what happened during the challenge and how surmani was killed. Kanha transposes himself from the present to the time in the past when surmani had participated in

the challenge. Kanha goes and witnesses the events.
Kanha sees surmani set everything to start playing the veena and sing. Kanha then sees some of tarkeshwar’s men, he sees one man who slowly throws red powder on surmani which makes surmani cough and his throat turns red. surmani before playing the instrument took water to drink and one of tarkeshwar’s men added poison in it and forced surmani to drink the water. Surmani then played his veena and sang, after which tarkeshwar too sang and then surmani turned a weaker opponent because of the poison and red powder. Surmani dies after the challenged due to the poison reacting on him and tarkeshwar wins as all people and men praise tarkeshwar but turn to grief as surmani dies too.
Kanha comes back to the present and tell sudhama everything he saw in the past. Kanha then says tarkeshwar and his men have cheated and tarkeshwar must be punished for this adharma, we shall go to shivang. Kanha and sudhama go.
In shivang’s house, as indrani cooks food, sahukar comes. Indrani gets up and sahukar says where is my gold indrani? When will I get back my gold? Indrani says I need some more time please sahukar ji. Shukar smiles cunningly and says indrani, if you cannot pay the loan then I will give you an easier solution, you get married to me and start wearing colored clothes, anyway you are a widow now and life wont be comfortable and easy for you. sahukar says I will make it easy for you. indrani gets angry and she angrily dismisses sahukar, she says go away sahukar don’t trouble me, you will get your gold. Sahukar says okay, I will come again tomorrow and sahukar goes.
Kanha goes and meets shivang with sudhama. Shivang says prabhu what did you find in kashi? Kanha says shivang, you should go and challenge tarkeshwar. Shivang says but I have not mastered music and singing like my father had, how will I defeat tarkeshwar? Kanha says shivang, you are the son of surmani and surmani was a great musician, he was a disciple of lord Vishnu and even you are, prabhu’s hand shall always be behind you then you need not fear, your voice is heavenly like your father and you can defeat tarkeshwar, lets go to kashi. Kanha says you challenge tarkeshwar and avenge the death of your father.

Precap: shivang, kanha and sudhama go to kashi to challenge tarkeshwar. Shivang and tarkeshwar have a music battle.

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