Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th March 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th March 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th March 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with kanha and sudhama going to kashi with shivang. Kanha says shivang, you will challenge tarkeshwar and avenge your father’s death. Kanha, sudhama and shivang reach kashi at the ganga river. Kanha says there is tarkeshwar with his men. Shivang goes and says tarkeshwar maharaj, you are the king of music they say! but I challenge you, I am shivang and I feel we should compete. Tarkeshwar laughs and his men say kid, you are too young to challenge the lord of music, tarkeshwar. Kanha says why? cant there be a competition between an elder and a child? Or is tarekshwar ji scared of shivang? Tarkeshwar laughs and says okay kid, I accept the challenge and the one who wins shall get bricks of gold. Shivang says okay and the competition is set. All people gather to watch.

competition starts and shivang starts singing first, tarkeshwar plans the same again to trick shivang into defeat. Tarkeshwar’s advisor takes some vermilion powder again and he throws it at shivang. Kanha sees this and using his powers, he directs it back towards the advisor and tarkeshwar. The red powder affects tarkeshwar, shivang continues singing and playing the veena and everyone praise shivang. Tarkeshwar starts singing and playing the veena, the vermilion breaks the flow of tarkeshwar’s song and he stammers in between as his throat turns sore. Tarkeshwar loses and shivang wins the challenge.
All people praise shivang and tarkeshwar gets angry. Kanha then gets up and says see people, the truth is out in front of you. tarkeshwar lost because he could not sing properly, his throat turned sore and it was all because of the vermilion. Tarkeshwar is the lord of music because till today, he and his men have cheated and tricked people in the challenge, he has killed so many people by poison and the vermilion powder. All people get angry and say you are right kanha, this tarkeshwar is a fraud. Tarkeshwar says no, don’t believe him I am tarkeshwar the lord of music! Only I am the true winner. Kanha says now that your truth is out, you must drink the poison that you were going to give shivang.
Indrani is in her house and sahukar comes. Sahukar touches indrani oddly and says indrani, marry me! you don’t have any other choice because you don’t have gold to pay my debt, so rather marry me. indrani says no, go away sahukar don’t touch me, your loan will be returned. Sahukar gets angry and says indrani, soon one day you will marry me. sahukar goes.
Kanha tells all people how tarkeshwar killed so many people, he tells them tarkeshwar gave the people poison and he killed shivang’s father Surmani the same way too. All people get angry and start beating tarkeshwar. Tarkeshwar and his advisor are beaten as they cry and scream in pain. The villagers say, kanha tarkeshwar must be punished. Kanha agrees and says yes he shall be punished. Kanha smiles and suddenly tarkeshwar’s voice is gone, tarkeshwar is not able to speak as lord Vishnu takes away his voice. Tarkeshwar talks in signs and he pleads in front of shivang, kanha and all people. All people say the God has punished tarkeshwar for his sins, he has taken away his voice. That is the right punishment that a man like tarkeshwar deserves. The people give the bricks of gold to shivang and say you have won. Shivang has tears and says kanha and sudhama, you helped me avenge my father’s death, thank you. kanha says don’t thank me shivang, it is all because of your voice and your skills. Kanha, sudhama and shivang leave kashi.

Precap: Kanha stands to kill andhkasura against mahadev. Kanha protects mata parvati from the evil demon andhkasura.

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