Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th March 2019 Written Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th March 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th March 2019 Written Episode

The episode starts with vikram and betaal in the forest. Betaal says to vikram, today I shall ask you a question but about the great prabhu vihnu’s avatar of Krishna, you have to give the answer to my question vikram. Vikram says okay. Betaal starts telling the story.
There was a demon named andhkasura, the demon who was born out of mahadev’s dark side, when mahadev once closed his eyes away from the universe. The demon andhakasura was born and he prayed and meditated to mahadev for years, one day mahadev appeared and said what do you want andhak? Andhak says, prabhu I want to be invincible and for that, I want you to protect me from anyone who tries to attack me or kill me, that way I shall always be invincible. Mahadev says tathastu and blesses andhkasura.
Andhkasura thus

becomes powerful and he one day sees devi parvati and says I want parvati, I shall marry her. Andhkasura goes to parvati and says devi, you are very beautiful and I want to marry you. parvati gets angry and says evil demon, you were born from the darkness of mahadev and I am his wife, I am the mother of the universe! How dare you say that?! andhkasura says I am not scared of anyone parvati, you will marry me only. Parvati gets angry and she removes a weapon to kill andhkasura, andhkasura laughs and says mahadev himself protects me! parvati aims her weapon and suddenly mahadev appears. Parvati says prabhu, this demon has crossed his limits, I shall kill this evil demon. Mahadev says no devi, you cannot do that. if you have to kill andhkasura, you have to fight me first. Mahadev says devi, I have given a blessing to andhkasura that I shall always protect him from everyone, so if anyone has to kill andhkasura, they have to fight me first. Parvati is sad and angry and she disappears.
Mahadev goes. Andhkasura says I have to find parvati, I shall marry her. Andhkasura goes to find parvati. Here devi parvati, disguises as a villager and goes to vrindavan for the Pooja of maha shivratri. Kanha recognizes her and says mata, I know you have come here to hide from andhkasura, but don’t worry I will deal with him.
Andhkasura comes to vrindavan, finding devi parvati. As he steps in the village, he says I am andhkasura the king of demons. All people run scared and say run for your life, andhkasura has come. Kanha and his friends go to andhkasura and say maharaj andhkasura ki jai. Andhkasura is amazed and kanha says friends, see our king has come. Andhkasura says how are you kids praising me? kanha says maharaj, we are a new generation and we know whom to serve and whom to not, to keep ourselves safe we are accepting you as our king. Andhkasura says okay then kids, help me out, I want to find parvati and she is hiding in vrindavan, take me to her. Kanha says oh, parvati? We know where parvati is, we will take you to her. Kanha and his friends take andhkasura to the shed and kanha says parvati is inside. Andhkasura goes inside and he gets beaten by the mother cow, andhkasura comes out and says why did you lie? There was a cow inside, not parvati. Kanha says maharaj, that mother cow is our parvati! Andhkasura gets angry and says I am not talking about the cow, I was talking about mata parvati. Kanha says ohh, mata parvati? Andhkasura says yes, take me to her. Kanha says okay and smiles.

Precap: Andhkasura holds devi parvati’s hand, kanha comes to save parvati. Kanha takes his divya avatar and mahadev appears with his trishul.

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