Patiala Babes 2nd May 2019 Written Update

Patiala Babes 2nd May 2019 Written Update by MA

Patiala Babes 2nd May 2019 Written Episode

Minnie cries in front of Hanuman that she did not do any mistake, but Manmeet defamed her in front of whole class, she wanted to slap him but did not as she promised Babes. Hanuman hugs and consoles her and says what Manmeet did is a criminal offense and can be punished if she files FIR. Minnie asks if Babes will agree. Hanuman says he does not know, but she should inform Babes. Minnne informs Babita who consoles her and asks why did she hide such a big issue. Minnie says she told not to meet boys, so she was afraid. Babita says it is not her mistake and let people badmouth about her, she should not care and remember her mother is with her. Hanuman says even Patiala police and says to stop such a crime, Babita should file FIR against Manmeet. Babita says no as problem will go out of control. Hanuman

says she did same with Khatri and Ashok who harassed her repeatedly, she even spared Amith who misbehaved with her; if she spares Manmeet, he will do bigger crime; he does not want to interfere between mother and daughter, but just can say that she should forget everything and get justice to her daughter. Babita says she will get justice to her daughter, not by filing FIR but by complaining principal and getting Manmeet punished. Hanuman walks away saying it is their choice. Babita says she does not want Minnie to go through humiliation which she faced.
Babita meets principal who says he called her and Manmeet’s father to discuss the issue. Babita says Minnie informed her everything and Manmeet is at fault. Principal says he can restricate the culprit. Manmeet’s father says principal he can restricate Manmeet but should listen to him first. Manmeet lies that Minnie tried to be too friendly. Minnie says he is lying and angrily tries to hit him, but Babita stops her. Principal warns Minnie not to use violence. Minnie says he called her father a drug peddler. Manmeet says that is what he read in news paper. Babita says it is a wrong news. Manmeet says she tried to molest him in class. Minnie angrily breaks class and says he is lying. Manmeet says everyone knows she is black belt in karate and is trying to frighten him. Principal suspends Minnie for a week. Babita says she came here expecting justice from principal, but when he is blind, she knows what to do now. She warns Manmeet that he will not be spared and walks away with Minnie.

Babita with Minnie reaches Hanuman’s police station. Hanuman asks Laala why did he let them in without his permission, he has lots of other work than listening to them; when he suggested to file an FIR, she denied and now wants him to listen to her. Babita says she came to file FIR against Manmeet for cyber crime and Amit for s*xual harassment. Hanuman asks Laala to take their complaint. Babita with Minnie then returns home. Minnie feels dizzy after getting out of bike. Babita gets concerned Pammi and Kammo badmouth about Minnie.

Hanuman returns from duty and asks Babita how is Minnie now. Babita says she is sleeping and cries that her daughter helped her in all aspects more than her age, but now she herself needs help, she wants Manmeet to be punished. A lady walks in and says she is right..

Precap: Babita stops Ashok from meeting Minnie. Minnie says she cannot stop him from meeting his daughter. Babita says she can. Ashok asks her to move. Hanuman interferes.

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