Punar Vivah 2 22nd May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Episode


Scene 1:
Location: A Serial shoot and Jagotia’s mansion in Bhopal.
A lady is drying clothes on the roof, when her husband playfully comes and flirts with her romantically. He teases her at the fact, that everyone all the time keeps looking out for her, for every small thing. She says that all daughter in laws’ are like that, whether in bhopal or in mumbai. The shot cuts.

Just then, another lady in bhopal, is drying clothes, and hearing a familiar knock on the door, she hurriedly descends down the stairs, and in doing so, she accidentally trips over the bucket, which lands on sohan’s wife’s feet and she screams in pain. She starts scolding her daughter in law, and as she comes down, sohan’s wife asks her to lend a hand so that she can get up. But she doesnt respond and goes off, irritating sohan’s wife all the more. Sohan’s wife taunts her that it was the biggest mistake of her life to make her the daughter in law of this house.

Scene 2:
Location: At a serial shoot set and Jagotia’s mansion in Bhopal.
The choti bahu heroine comes and gives another shot. The director calls the shot, a success, and they take a break. They all compliment on her acting capabilities, while explaining her the next scene, that would further generate public interest and increase TRP’s. As she does her touch up, she gets nostalgic and starts smiling.

At another event, the heroine, Divya is reported to be retiring after the closure of the serial, Choti Bahu, with a grand celebration. she is bidding goodbye, while also entertaining her fans. They compliment her contribution towards the social life in India, and inculcating manners in today’s girls.

Sohan’s wife comments, looking at its live telecast on the tv, that such girls like Choti Bahu are only in reel life and not real. A young girl, jagotia’s youngest daughter, belonging to the same family is very excited looking at Divya’s attire, but sohan’s wife dashes her dreams saying that her dad wouldnt approve. she gets disappointed. All are taunting the Bahu of the house, for the closure of the serial, while she remains unfazed. Jagotia’s fatso daughter taunts Sarita for talking too much, if not eating like her. The whole family is in a scuffle against each other, and pull each other’s legs, at the slightest provocation. The third daughter however is very serious listening to everything on the TV. As they discuss what would divya do now, the thrid one stoically says that she would pick on a new serial, and wont sit idle at home, atleast.

Divya is having a nice time at her farewell party. Her family talk about what is she going to do now. They mention that now she would become Choti Bahu in real life. When asked about marriage, divya is conscious, while her relatives say that now’s the time for her to settle down. She says that she’s returning to bhopal where her life and her love are waiting for her. The third and the serious daughter of Sohan Lal is very shocked, hearing this. The reporters ask about the groom, at which she is speechless. The girls of the house are discussing as to how their brother, Raj is going to be very busy tomorrow, as he has to go to the station, where he would wait out for her, and wont miss it for anything in the world.

Scene 3:
Location: In the train
Divya is enjoying the train local food, along with her family, saying that these typical moments cant be shared in the flights. Her brother says that now what remains to be seen is that whether Bhopal has remained the same or has changed, in these 10 years. She wishes that everything is the same, and she hopes that her life is waiting for her. She remembers how Raj had been running around searching for her, while she was seated in the train, hiding from her. while the train starts moving, he goes berserk that he wont be able to live without her, and that she shouldnt do this mistake. She gets emotional thinking about that. As bhopal arrives, she is instructed to wear a Burqa, so that she isnt flanked by her fans. Raj too arrives at the station, looking out for someone, his DIVYA. He calls up someone saying that today she shouldnt make him wait. Diya comes out wearing the burqa, and feeling the Bhopal air, she covers her face with the burqa. As she descends down the train, Raj feels something striking achord in his heart, as he looks on. As she starts walking, raj hurriedly walks down the stairs. they progress towards each other. As they cross each other, her burqa, drapes over raj’s face, and for both of them, it seems like time has stood. Finally he takes the veil off from his shoulder and walks off. Divya’s bag collides with another man, on the platform, and she thinks that some cheapo is after her, and hence tries to jerk herself and her bag away from him. The person himself is flabbergasted seeing how she is behaving, with his bag and himself, in tow with divya and her bag. Finally, she turns around with a jerk, throwing his bag in the air, and papers going strewn around in the air. Divya asks why is he following her like that, ignorant that her bag is stuck with his. As she goes into a barrage of reprimands, while his office papers are strewn in the air, he cant seem to take his eyes off Divya. He is brought back to senses, when he hears divya yelling at her. A crowd gathers up.

Her family meanwhile is searching for Divya. She is surprised to notice that the person doesnt even know her. but other do, and they create a huge crowd around her. After having been recognised, Divya immediately drapes the burqa over her face, and is escorted out by her relatives. The police too arrives, and escorts once they recognise her. while raj looks on surprised and confused. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Raj gets a cut while shaving, and his mother is instantly bothered, but he dryly asks her not to make a fuss about it, and goes off. She wonders that since he fell in love, this has been his condition, and that now he can return back to normal only when she comes back in his life. The third daughter, the serious one is very upset hearing this. Sohan’s wife is ignorant that Divya, raj’s love, has finally made an entry in his life back, and is in fact headed towards their home only.


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  1. MK
    May 22, 16:44 Reply

    Omg that pic with the middle sister, she’s really fat. She should share some of that food with Rubina
    , she could fill up a little.

    • Haha!
      No class in this new cast!
      Where is my aarti and yash omg I can’t take dis!
      Won’t watch will be here to hangout with my pv family

    • MK
      May 22, 16:44


    • blabla
      May 22, 17:10

      No they didnt… 🙁
      I think AarYa is gone now!

  2. Gurmeet's Love
    May 22, 16:25 Reply

    Hi all,

    I don’t know about others but PV2 is not for me… I just came to read the WU and I can’t imagine PV without AarYa
    So sorry but this serial has lost me as an audience…

    So this tell the story ten year later? I’m sure Aayu is 10 year old now 🙁
    Yashji must be a successful wedding planner, planning big hot shot weddings only…
    Maybe Ansh and Palak would’ve been gone to college.
    And Aarti waiting for her Yashji when he comes home… And they have a very cute romantic fight 🙂

    I would want to see that

    • Anu xD
      May 22, 16:35

      we all do…is all I can say and I really hope wish and pray that today gurmeet and kratika could see this forum and really know how we feel about losing them!

    • MK
      May 22, 16:39

      Yea we all do dear.

    • Suni
      May 22, 16:46

      Hi GL , they will live on in our imagination and hearts .

  3. Afreesh
    May 22, 16:08 Reply

    My dear forum family members,

    Please convey your thoughts pertain to new PV forum…. MU, MK, Lenor has informed that we need different forum for pv2…

    I think this forum is our own place to meet each other nevertheless of PV1 or PV2. If Admin create different forum for pV2 then where should we go, if we don’t have interest to watch pV2???…

    Will this PV forum exist forever to access ????

    Don’t you guys mind to enter into pv2 forum???…

    Why don’t we stay with this same forum and get together everyday ?????….

    I request all of our family member’s opinion regarding the separate forum for pV2,


    • finusa
      May 22, 16:18

      you do have a point.
      im sure everyone would still want to meet up so might as well leave it open in pv1

    • Anu xD
      May 22, 16:22

      so true….it should be different and lol did you all see the number of dislikes?

    • MK
      May 22, 16:26

      Hi Afreesh, I agree, of a new forum is created this one will eventually fade away, I don’t mind going on the pv2 forum just to meet you guys. Besides, I don’t think we gonna have any new people commenting on the new forum. Do you think?

      You know lots and lots of people haven’t got a clue what going on with PV. Apparently not a lot of people go on the Internet and check on it. Not a lot pay attention or do not look at the promos etc. even on their tv they must tune in for the show and that’s it.

      So sorry for those who don’t know what went on. It’s really sad.

    • Anu xD
      May 22, 16:37

      I really wanna keep talking to you guys but PV2 doesn’t deserve all these comments so there should be a forum of its own PLEASE @ ADMIN

    • Asya4ever
      May 22, 16:46

      am so sorry guys . i didnt want to see our pv1 to mix with pv2 that is why . but u have a point friends . coz we are a family here . a lovely family . love u all .

    • Sj
      May 22, 16:51

      Oh Affresh you are too good, wonderful idea , let us see what my other boss Suni says

    • Suni
      May 22, 17:04

      Afreesh dear . This was the least of my concerns .
      All that matters is that we have a place to meet . I am happy and grateful for the forum as is . It would require some of reconfiguration from the administration to create a new forum . This one is working well . Why do we really need another ??

    • Suni
      May 22, 17:08

      SJ , my first duty as boss would be to designate all my duties to you , lol . All bosses love to designate 😀 . I need to think of some special work for you . Ok … First mission , you need to find us a new pilot .

    • Lenor
      May 22, 20:53

      Afreesh, I would prefer that there be separate forums for our PV and PV2. Your point is well made, whether PV forum will still exist or not. So if this is the case then we need to stay with our existing forum where we all can meet and discuss as usual.

    • Sj
      May 23, 00:50

      Boss suni your order is my command Hu hum let us see you need a pilot , let me see if Gc I is no flying to do hs movie , sun mam. Can ask GC to be our pilot .

  4. Anu xD
    May 22, 16:01 Reply

    SONG DEDICATION TO PUNAR VIVAH ZINDGAE MILAGE DOBARA AND SPEFICALLY YASH AND AARTI! It relates to the turn of events in the soap opera world!

    Movie : Masti
    Song : Dil De Diya

    Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
    I have given you my heart, I will give you my life

    Ho, dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
    Oh I have given you my heart, I will give you my life

    Daga nahin karenge sanam
    I will not betray you, darling

    Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
    I have given you my heart, I will give you my life

    Daga nahin karenge sanam
    I will not betray you, darling

    Ho, rab di kasam yaara rab di kasam
    With God’s vow, dear, with God’s vow

    (Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
    I have given you my heart, I will give you my life

    Daga nahin karenge sanam) – 2
    I will not betray you, darling

    (Rukh zindagi ne mod liya kaisa
    How life has turned its face

    Humne socha nahin tha kabhi aisa) – 2
    I never thought anything like that (would happen)

    Aata nahin yakeen kya se kya ho gaya
    I can’t conclude what has happened

    Kis tarha main tumse bevafa ho gaya
    How did I become unfaithful to you

    Insaaf kar do, mujhe maaf kar do
    Judge me, forgive me

    Itna hi kar do karam
    Do just that much of a favor for me

    Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
    I have given you my heart, I will give you my life

    Daga nahin karenge sanam
    I will not betray you, darling

    (Aawaargi mein ban gaya deewaana
    In waywardness I became mad

    Maine kyoon saadgi ko nahin jaana) – 2
    Why didn’t I understand simplicity (appreciate our relationship – “simple life”)

    Chaahat yahi hai ke is kadar pyaar doon
    My desire is this, that I give you such love

    Kadmon mein tere main do jahaan waar doon
    That I surrender both worlds upon your footsteps

    Chain mera le lo, khushi meri le lo
    Take away my peace, take my happiness

    De do mujhe de do saare gham
    Give to me all your pain

    Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
    I have given you my heart, I will give you my life

    Daga nahin karenge sanam
    I will not betray you, darling

    (Mere ashq keh rahe meri kahaani
    My tears are telling my story

    Inhe samjho na tum sirf paani) – 2
    Don’t think them to be only water

    Ro roke aansuon ke daag dhool jaayenge
    Crying, the mark of my tears will wash away

    In mein vafa ke rang aaj ghul jaayenge
    In them, the color of fidelity will be absorbed today

    Paas tum rahogi, bhool ab na hogi
    If you stay close, no mistakes will happen now

    Karoonga na tum pe sitam
    I will not do you any injustice

    Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
    I have given you my heart, I will give you my life

    Daga nahin karenge sanam
    I will not betray you, darling

    Ho, rab di kasam yaara rab di kasam
    With God’s vow, dear, with God’s vow

    (Dil de diya hai, jaan tumhe denge
    I have given you my heart, I will give you my life

    Daga nahin karenge sanam) – 2
    I will not betray you, darling

    ps the betrayal is for actually wanting to quit PV at certain times….Tell does this song relate to the current turn of events and I really bored!

  5. finusa
    May 22, 16:00 Reply

    hey guys..did u know ekta kapoor’s father is JETENDRA???
    i saw a pic of him and her and finally put it together.
    news to me!

    • MK
      May 22, 16:28

      Yest dear, since Kasam se days I realized that, and the hunky eye candy Tushaar Kapoor is her brother.she not that good a looker like her brother or father.

    • finusa
      May 22, 16:38

      mk- im not sure if i would call tushar “hunk”..lol
      i actually didnt know this until recently.

    • MK
      May 22, 16:41

      Ok yaar, I must have seen him in a hunky avatar then hehehe,
      But he is better looking than Ekta any day

    • Suni
      May 22, 17:00

      Hi Finusa , I didn’t see you in a while . How are you dear ?

  6. Anu xD
    May 22, 15:49 Reply


  7. Mk I saw a promo for the new show zee launching.
    Its a ekta kapoor show!that’s stress!
    But the male lead HOT! Yuh know me like meh EYE CANDY!
    Ladies don’t stress trying to figure out this crap they calling pv.
    Do like me, start searching for eye candy!LOL

    • MK
      May 22, 15:46

      What show is it dear. I know she is coming out with a historical one. Is that it? Did not see the promo.

    • Anu xD
      May 22, 15:48

      hey hey this can’t replace ARYA void in my heart but certainly beats PV2!!!

    • finusa
      May 22, 15:56

      ekta is always stress! lol
      whats the name of the new show? im also interested in eye candy! as of now my favorite eye candy is Saras (SC).

    • Anu nothing can replace AARYA!Ok ladies saw it dis morning,I don’t speak hindi so don’t know the name.
      Grey eyes,muscles,chest and ABS and a sword! Need I say more!
      Its launching in june.
      EYE CANDY ladies!

    • MK
      May 22, 16:30

      Yes yes, that’s the one a historical one so she can’t have too many twists to veer away from the original story. I will look for the name now.

    • MK
      May 22, 16:38

      Oh yea it’s Jodha Akbar
      There’s a movie in it also with hirthik Roshan as Akbar and aishwaria rai as Jodha
      Really really beautiful movie.
      Hope Ekta don’t muck it up like she does all her serials.

    • finusa
      May 22, 16:40

      i love that movie- jodha akbar.
      i hope she doesnt “try” to copy and mess it up like you said MK.

    • MK
      May 22, 16:42

      Yea, I have it too and when I’m alone at home I put it on. I love the story and the Jodha Akbar couple out of this world.

    • finusa
      May 22, 16:43

      i thik ekta is trying to copy SLB with his show – SC
      based on a novel.

      New trend now!

    • MK
      May 22, 16:47

      Could be. She has had lots of long running serials, all start good in beginning but all flop in this end, I think only one was successful but I never saw that one.

    • Hey mk and fin,the male lead aka eye candy is rajat tokas.
      It will be in the 8pm time slot.
      Zee is hoping its a hit like JKR!
      Put ks in it and I”ll watch!

    • MK
      May 22, 17:00

      Well the story in itself is a very good one. Or should I say the historical event. The lives of Jodha and Akbar and how and why they got together is really interesting and a historical landmark and turning point in Indian history too. So lets see if she could pull it off like SC and the movie .

    • MK
      May 22, 17:04

      And what made the movie even more epic is the voice of amitab bachan

    • MK
      May 22, 17:06

      Well lets see what the makeup artist can do to him. He will certainly make a good tv Akbar, who is Jodha. I will check it now.

    • MK
      May 22, 17:31

      Oh back, again, paridhi sharma is Jodha. She’s no aish but lets see what makeup can do.

  8. Anu xD
    May 22, 15:43 Reply

    WOW so used to my usual routine that I FORGOT its PV2 and not my Yash and Aarti…….I am speechless………..

    • MK
      May 22, 15:45

      Hi Anu did you get my birthday wishes and the cake I sent you? The site was giving problems yesterday too. You could check for it. How was your birthday dear? Hope you had a wonderful day and lots of presents and lots of wishes for many bday s to come.

    • Anu xD
      May 22, 15:46

      They are in the Schindia Mansion but yet still it will NEVER be the same! yeh hai mera vada…PV2 can’t possibly be as poular as PV1 simply beacause the concept is confusing and THERE IS NOT GURU AND KRATZ!

    • Suni
      May 22, 16:59

      Hello Anu xD 🙂 . How are you sweety ??

    • Lenor
      May 22, 20:29

      Good Evening Anu, how are you and how was your Birthday.
      Hope you had a wonderful day.

  9. sushant
    May 22, 15:39 Reply

    guyzzz i think we should just observe this show not loving it like pv1 just for one month than we should make a statement on it…… i know and we all know that they can’t take place of aarya and scindia family they were just gr8 to watch

    • MK
      May 22, 15:44

      Hi sushant, we did not like the way PV 1 ended. Lots to discuss there.
      There are no good actors in this show. I mean Karan is not bad and shrishty is ok.
      But non of the other actors so far is appealing.

    • Suni
      May 22, 16:58

      I agree Sushant .

  10. MK
    May 22, 15:32 Reply

    Hi Lenor I’m good. I watched the 21st episode only which showed today dear. Not this new one. Haven’t even read the update yet too. But as this was last episode with Arti Yash, I loved Arti dance though. As I mentioned before she looked like aishwaria. So we do have great beauty and talent in the small screen.

  11. PAT
    May 22, 15:09 Reply

    Hi, everyone, hoe you guys are doing great………….. 10yrs??? are you kidding me?????????????, what nonsense,,,,, the writers should have stayed with the original………… no offense to the present serial,,,, but I think this suck and I hope it make sense in the long run…………………

    • MK
      May 22, 15:27

      I really don’t understand how this show could be named PV in the first place. Nothing about the concept so far indicates a PV in any way. It’s more likely to have taalaak, divorce and more and more kuchoor

  12. preethi
    May 22, 14:46 Reply

    please admin make another forum for pv2 dont dump in pv1

    • Lenor
      May 22, 15:08

      Hi Preethi. Yes Admin do another forum for PV2 and leave PV alone.

    • admin
      May 22, 15:36

      I am confused so I didn’t make new forum. I thought last PV was supposed to end on Friday, but it didn’t end.

      Did PV1 end yesterday? And this is first episode of PV2?

    • Afreesh
      May 22, 15:45

      We also confused….Thank you very much for your concern and support…
      I think we should wait until Friday…

    • Lenor
      May 22, 16:17

      Hello Admin, we PV fans were also confused since PH kept saying that PV would end on May 17th. However, it continued into May 20th and May 21st where PV Fans saw scenes of Yash and Aarti (for the last time). We do not know if they would be seen later on this week.
      So we are kindly asking that you open a new forum for PV2 and not include with PV. PV should have its own forum and PV2 should have its own forum. Thanks.

    • Suni
      May 22, 16:50

      Admin , you guys do a great job always . We were all confused .

  13. Afreesh
    May 22, 14:39 Reply

    Hi Sj, MK, MU, lenor, finusa, trinity, Bindi & whoever are present in the forum right now….

    PLEASE COOL DOWN…..it’s not necessary to destroy our mood for undeserved people….

    Let’s see what’s going on…if they are using PV’s memorable song or whatever….let them use

    We have jointly taken decision to be here just to cherish our friendship…then why do you guys annoyed???…
    SJ….you are right, PH are playing with the fans for their internal problem with GC.

    MK…. I think ARYA will come at Friday or Thursday episode

    MU….cool down my dear…

    Finusa…..The story started after ten years. Now Raj is married with that girl saridha and Divya is coming back to see him. We have no idea whether she knew Raj is married or not

    • Lenor
      May 22, 15:06

      Hey Afreesh how are you? I’m cool yaar, as you said we have jointly taken a decision to be here just to cherish our friendship.
      Why do you feel that Yash and Aarti will come on Thursday or Friday episodes, what gives.

    • PAT
      May 22, 15:12

      Afreesh,,, how are you,,,, hope you are doing great…………. Yes I for one will give it a chance and see where they are going with this………… But do the writers have to dump 10yrs?????????????

    • Afreesh
      May 22, 15:26

      I’m good lenor….. yesterday’s precap YASH & Arthi were talking about divya & saridha and today is totally different story is going on with 10 years leap…. so, hopefully divya may remember them or ARYA may appear separately… I’m not sure either yaar
      But it’s funny that they are trying to tell us ARYA met them before 10 years????…

      Really Lenor…. I don’t know what to say about PH…..hahaha

      Hi pat…..how are u dear….thanks for visiting us as per our commitment…

    • Afreesh
      May 22, 15:41

      Lenor…. sorry dear, actually I didn’t see yesterday’s episode completely….I checked just now ARYA scene came yesterday itself.

      So, the expert PV writers are asking us to believe ARYA story finished before ten years…. what should I say???????.

      very good, well done, good job…

    • Lenor
      May 22, 16:22

      Afreesh, I haven’t seen the PV2 episode or read the write-up today so I can’t say. I may (hahahha) look at it (may).

    • Lenor
      May 22, 15:11

      Hi Trinity and MU, how are you guys, “cool, calm and collective” ha….ha….ha….! Nice day for a sea bath.

    • PAT
      May 22, 15:13

      Trinity,,, I’m saying the same thing,,, 10yrs leap??????????? it should be 10yrs dump………

    • MK
      May 22, 15:23

      I am saying the same. They should have had a huge leap, don’t know how many years though.

    • MK
      May 22, 15:24

      Yea, and not damn good show on zee, even SSLP has gone down the drain fast.
      QH is about to do a high dive too.

    • MK
      May 22, 15:28

      A huge leap into bottomless pit.

    • Sj
      May 22, 16:55

      Triny do not do that you will get hurt , what will be to PH and mittals writters

  14. Pen 10
    May 22, 14:19 Reply

    Hello pv team.

    1st y stop pv1
    next y start pv2.
    Pv2 s start means y give to low trp show.

    I saw Today episode
    raj ki maa fall in down this scene dont good acting

    y use in this song?.
    This song is suitable to only for AARYA.

    I hate pv2.

    • MK
      May 22, 15:21

      I agree with you, have not read this update or will I be looking at this episode tonight nor tomorrow.

  15. bindhi
    May 22, 14:03 Reply

    hey crazy pv1 fans guess wat i am watching pv1 all over again!!!!..

    • bindhi
      May 22, 14:04

      just pretend like you havent seen it b4

    • Lenor
      May 22, 15:15

      Hi Bindhi,I must be crazy because I will also be watching PV all over again like is the first time
      I will seeing it.

  16. Lenor
    May 22, 13:52 Reply

    Good Afternoon to all my beautiful PV Family. How are you all today?

    • bindhi
      May 22, 13:59

      saaaaad!!!!!… snif snif pv1 has ended

    • Pen 10
      May 22, 14:22

      Pv1 ki family is nt good. Sad tha. . .

    • Suni
      May 22, 16:54

      Good Afternoon Lenor 🙂 .

    • Lenor
      May 22, 20:14

      Good Evening Suni, hi, what’s up?


    Rhimjim please I beg of you please dont post anymore PV2 in PV1

    Please I ask for the sake of our pride respect and passion to have the administrators place PV2 in a category alll by itself

    I am imploring you pleading you to please let this be the last post of PV2 in PV1 Forum

    I am begging you Rhimjim

    • Lenor
      May 22, 13:57

      MU, I’m with you on this. Please Admin. leave PV alone and separate form PV2 and open a PV2 section for PV2 only.
      How are you MU?

    • Asya4ever
      May 22, 14:26

      Mu agree with u really .

    • im here

      everytime i see a new update for PV1 im all excited i almost cut out my lunch time just to read the updates

      today it truly hit me when I was looking for any of teh PC Cast names that theer is none to read

      when i look at Punar Vivah all I see is Arti Yash Pyal palak Ansh Shoba-ma Gayatri PapaS Prateik Pankaj Pari Vidi Maya Akash and radha

      I dont see any of their names and it hurts


    • MK
      May 22, 15:20

      I agree MU

  18. MK
    May 22, 13:50 Reply

    I have so much to say why PV was damn good, not only the story but the cast, but gotta run out for a while.

  19. finusa
    May 22, 13:43 Reply

    i know we are/will miss arya but have to give the newby’s a chance. its not fair to them. im actually very confused with the epi but hoping something good comes out of the new cast.

    • MK
      May 22, 13:49

      Hi Finusa, this show is really out of place with this title or vice versa.
      I used to like Rubina in the first choti bahu but she has starved herself and gotten scrawny like a scare crow and not looking nice at all. Her acting is so what questionable too.
      I just looked at the last episode, Arti looked so beautiful, like aishwaria in that dance she performed. Of course ks is a beauty by herself no comparison there.

    • Lenor
      May 22, 13:59

      MK, you’re brave venturing into PV2 territory. I ain’t to sure I want to go there.
      How are you MK dear?

    • Lenor
      May 22, 15:18

      Hi MK how are you.

  20. Sj
    May 22, 13:40 Reply

    If mittals had problem they should have pv1 with dignity and with good sprits and should not have start pv2
    They should pv fan would be upset. If mittals wanted another show they ahould start with diffrent show and with new name.that way audience would not compare with pv1
    Or new actor shoud strickright away so audience could connect right away so far itdid not happned

    • finusa
      May 22, 13:44

      agree. they should have choosen a new name.

    • MK
      May 22, 13:49


    • Suni
      May 22, 16:56

      Hi SJ 🙂 . Good Afternoon to you .

  21. bindhi
    May 22, 13:20 Reply

    stupid stupid stupid!!!!!!!….

  22. bindhi
    May 22, 13:13 Reply

    now i am sure pv2 will drop in the trp charts and there will be a huge loss of fans and then maybe the directors will bring back yash and aarti…… hte pv2 such a boring beginning

  23. MK
    May 22, 13:10 Reply

    This is total crap ion the making. Miss Arti Yash Ansh Payal Palak Ayu and all the great PV cast. But all good things must come to an end. But it ended damn stupid and all fans angry.

    • finusa
      May 22, 13:42

      mk..im so confused here.
      is divya the girl yash had bumped into before? and raj was supposed to marry some other girl?

      im trying to understand whats going on.
      havent watched the epi since new cast.

    • MK
      May 22, 13:45

      Well yes dear, she is the one who saved Ayu from Ishita too.
      She and raj are in love, but she went away, and raj father is forcing him to marry this other girl.
      It’s confusing yaar.

    • finusa
      May 22, 14:54

      ok. thanks for the clarification on the story.
      so now its 10 yr leap and shes back in bhopal looking for raj?

  24. sam
    May 22, 13:09 Reply

    hate this damn PV2…..miss my Aarya badly

  25. bindhi
    May 22, 12:57 Reply

    omg was yesterdays epi the end of pv and arya?

    • bindhi
      May 22, 13:08

      NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!……. the directors did not even give them a good ending a hugging scene i mean common!!!!….. ughhh k that it 4 me and pv no more pv for me its like they are starting over the whole damn story again god!

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