Punar Vivah 2 22nd May 2013 Written Update

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Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Update by Rimjhim

Punar Vivah 22nd May 2013 Written Episode


Scene 1:
Location: A Serial shoot and Jagotia’s mansion in Bhopal.
A lady is drying clothes on the roof, when her husband playfully comes and flirts with her romantically. He teases her at the fact, that everyone all the time keeps looking out for her, for every small thing. She says that all daughter in laws’ are like that, whether in bhopal or in mumbai. The shot cuts.

Just then, another lady in bhopal, is drying clothes, and hearing a familiar knock on the door, she hurriedly descends down the stairs, and in doing so, she accidentally trips over the bucket, which lands on sohan’s wife’s feet and she screams in pain. She starts scolding her daughter in law, and as she comes down, sohan’s wife asks her to lend a hand so that she can get up. But she doesnt respond and goes off, irritating sohan’s wife all the more. Sohan’s wife taunts her that it was the biggest mistake of her life to make her the daughter in law of this house.

Scene 2:
Location: At a serial shoot set and Jagotia’s mansion in Bhopal.
The choti bahu heroine comes and gives another shot. The director calls the shot, a success, and they take a break. They all compliment on her acting capabilities, while explaining her the next scene, that would further generate public interest and increase TRP’s. As she does her touch up, she gets nostalgic and starts smiling.

At another event, the heroine, Divya is reported to be retiring after the closure of the serial, Choti Bahu, with a grand celebration. she is bidding goodbye, while also entertaining her fans. They compliment her contribution towards the social life in India, and inculcating manners in today’s girls.

Sohan’s wife comments, looking at its live telecast on the tv, that such girls like Choti Bahu are only in reel life and not real. A young girl, jagotia’s youngest daughter, belonging to the same family is very excited looking at Divya’s attire, but sohan’s wife dashes her dreams saying that her dad wouldnt approve. she gets disappointed. All are taunting the Bahu of the house, for the closure of the serial, while she remains unfazed. Jagotia’s fatso daughter taunts Sarita for talking too much, if not eating like her. The whole family is in a scuffle against each other, and pull each other’s legs, at the slightest provocation. The third daughter however is very serious listening to everything on the TV. As they discuss what would divya do now, the thrid one stoically says that she would pick on a new serial, and wont sit idle at home, atleast.

Divya is having a nice time at her farewell party. Her family talk about what is she going to do now. They mention that now she would become Choti Bahu in real life. When asked about marriage, divya is conscious, while her relatives say that now’s the time for her to settle down. She says that she’s returning to bhopal where her life and her love are waiting for her. The third and the serious daughter of Sohan Lal is very shocked, hearing this. The reporters ask about the groom, at which she is speechless. The girls of the house are discussing as to how their brother, Raj is going to be very busy tomorrow, as he has to go to the station, where he would wait out for her, and wont miss it for anything in the world.

Scene 3:
Location: In the train
Divya is enjoying the train local food, along with her family, saying that these typical moments cant be shared in the flights. Her brother says that now what remains to be seen is that whether Bhopal has remained the same or has changed, in these 10 years. She wishes that everything is the same, and she hopes that her life is waiting for her. She remembers how Raj had been running around searching for her, while she was seated in the train, hiding from her. while the train starts moving, he goes berserk that he wont be able to live without her, and that she shouldnt do this mistake. She gets emotional thinking about that. As bhopal arrives, she is instructed to wear a Burqa, so that she isnt flanked by her fans. Raj too arrives at the station, looking out for someone, his DIVYA. He calls up someone saying that today she shouldnt make him wait. Diya comes out wearing the burqa, and feeling the Bhopal air, she covers her face with the burqa. As she descends down the train, Raj feels something striking achord in his heart, as he looks on. As she starts walking, raj hurriedly walks down the stairs. they progress towards each other. As they cross each other, her burqa, drapes over raj’s face, and for both of them, it seems like time has stood. Finally he takes the veil off from his shoulder and walks off. Divya’s bag collides with another man, on the platform, and she thinks that some cheapo is after her, and hence tries to jerk herself and her bag away from him. The person himself is flabbergasted seeing how she is behaving, with his bag and himself, in tow with divya and her bag. Finally, she turns around with a jerk, throwing his bag in the air, and papers going strewn around in the air. Divya asks why is he following her like that, ignorant that her bag is stuck with his. As she goes into a barrage of reprimands, while his office papers are strewn in the air, he cant seem to take his eyes off Divya. He is brought back to senses, when he hears divya yelling at her. A crowd gathers up.

Her family meanwhile is searching for Divya. She is surprised to notice that the person doesnt even know her. but other do, and they create a huge crowd around her. After having been recognised, Divya immediately drapes the burqa over her face, and is escorted out by her relatives. The police too arrives, and escorts once they recognise her. while raj looks on surprised and confused. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: Raj gets a cut while shaving, and his mother is instantly bothered, but he dryly asks her not to make a fuss about it, and goes off. She wonders that since he fell in love, this has been his condition, and that now he can return back to normal only when she comes back in his life. The third daughter, the serious one is very upset hearing this. Sohan’s wife is ignorant that Divya, raj’s love, has finally made an entry in his life back, and is in fact headed towards their home only.


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  1. Suni
    May 23, 06:55 Reply

    Hi Blue πŸ™‚ Good Morning .
    I watched last night with a very open mind and with some hope that I would see even a bit of good entertainment . I was gravely disappointed . I can’t understand how the same PH that produced PV 1 could now produce this . I couldn’t even sleep properly last night .
    The first time I saw PV I couldn’t wait to see another episode . Last night I felt like I had already seen enough . My mind is searching for just one thing positive to say and I am drawing a complete blank on PV2 .

    • Bluesnow misses ARYA
      May 23, 07:16

      hey suni just as they changed the cast they probably changed the crew and writers also

    • Suni
      May 23, 07:30

      The writers were not that bad on PV1 . I think that they just had to follow instructions on how o proceed with the show . But , I agree , this script doesn’t have the quality of PV 1 so maybe the writers are different .

    • Lenor
      May 23, 10:41

      Hi Suni and Blue, I also looked at PV2 last night with alittle hestitation to see my reaction as compared to when I first saw PV, let me tell you, nothing happened.
      I started having negative thoughts on the characters, all of them are ugly, even if one of them was good-looking I would probably be encouraged to look on.
      As for PH, I think the writers have changed along with the director(s). I was checking this out last night.

  2. Suni
    May 23, 06:36 Reply

    Dear Admin , thank you so much for your diplomatic approach to the situation .
    In all honesty however , I don’t think that PV2 has any fans at present to offend .
    I disagree with the option of not being able to compare PV1 and PV 2 .
    The name directly lends itself for comparison .
    The Mittals chose to reuse the name and concept ; how can we be denied our choice to compare
    the two ???

    • Bluesnow misses ARYA
      May 23, 06:44

      Good morning suni how are you dear?
      so i haven’t gotten chance to read any WU on PV2 and i think i’m just not intrested. wen i come on the page it like just straight to comments.

    • Lenor
      May 23, 10:44

      Hello Suni, very well said.
      Good morning Blue, I also do the same.

    • MK
      May 23, 07:52


  3. Suni
    May 23, 06:22 Reply

    Just remember that when you guys vote yes , you will not be able to speak freely about PV 1 on the new forum . We can only discuss PV 2 there .

    • Lenor
      May 23, 11:21

      Suni, I seem to be alittle puzzled, I don’t quite understand what you are saying.

      Based on Admin message if we say “yes” to separate forum PV will remain on homepage as long as people are still discussing – right.
      However there will be very few new articles/posts in PV.
      All news etc. will now be in PV2 – right.

      Admin went on to say that we can compare PV and PV2, however if both (PV & PV2) forums are together like how it is now, we will not be hurting PV2 followers – right.

      So, if we decided on “yes” and based on “no” Admin would determine whether to create new forum for PV2 based on the final “yes” / “no” responses).

      I think we all know that if the new PV2 forum is created we would not be able to speak freely; most of us may not want to speak on PV2 forum since we are PV Family and will only discuss PV and other related matters – right.

    • Lenor
      May 23, 11:23

      PV2 forum will only be for PV2 discussions.

    • Suni
      May 23, 11:44

      Hi Lenor . Every work of literature can be compared to any other in my opinion and it is also the way that we are encouraged to study Literature . We must know what makes one better or worse than the other despite belonging to the same genre and having the same theme . I do not appreciate that I will not be able to compare one with the other on PV 2 forum . We can’t stay forever on an old forum . I want my freedom to speak my mind , especially since it is the same production house in question . As is we compared PV to other soaps . What makes PV1 an exception and who will it hurt exactly ??

    • Lenor
      May 23, 12:25

      OK Suni, I do understand and appreciate your point. Thanks.

  4. Suni
    May 23, 06:21 Reply

    Just remember that when you guys vote yes , you will to be able to speak freely about PV 1 on the new forum . We can only discuss PV 2 there .

  5. Khinmg Win
    May 23, 01:38 Reply

    Yesterday 11: 30 pm l start watching PV , my country n india is one hour different .l waiting for Aarya but they r not come , so i know that our old PV is end their new PV is start .But Mittal everybody know Old is Gold .
    now i stay away from tv

  6. swapna
    May 23, 00:29 Reply

    Missing Arya so much,not intersted in watching TV without PV

    only serial i followed from an year is Punarvivah that to for GC i started and even i like Kratika for p2 in KZK and then Ansh andthen after pratheik ,vidhi and palak and payal slowly everyone in the serial
    suraj ,pankaj,shobha ,dubey,maya,g3 especially

    evryone is good at the same time Story is too good to show all of them they acting beauty and they alla cheived and never ever any serial will come with such a beautiful cast and crew,and family background and masti offscreen and on screen

    love u all

    PV rocks -gurmeet and kratika and kids missing u alot
    what evr may be reason ,i dont say gurmeet or any actor is responsible for abrupt ending -if they want to shpw proper ending then they can work on that and make to stay for another 2months and show all the remaing part also ,PH and Tv channel are responsible for this

    Love u gurmeet-love with u this PV team

    Every one did fantastic job

    Notgoing to watch PV2

    used to sit till 12 pm and used to watch 2-3 times everyday in net ,and need to goto office so early in morning ,that time is bcoz of this beautiful Arya and their family -i used to do ,but not now anymore

    no need to scrifice anything -yesterday no aarya not able to sleep ,very hard to get sleep and will try to change things with out arya

  7. Lenor
    May 23, 00:27 Reply

    GUYS , what’s that saying “Be careful what you ask for you just might get it”. Well we got it, this is a poll, check below:

    We have noticed many members asking for separate forum for
    PV 2. We can create new forum for PV 2. We will leave PV 1
    on homepage as long as people are still discussing.

    Downside is there will be very few new articles/posts in PV 1 as all news and updates will be on PV 2 from now, and PV 1 won’t be in weekly rankings either as we only rank on-air shows.

    You can compare PV 1 and PV 2, but if both forums are together like now, then keep in mind, you don’t hurt PV 2 followers with your views. There will be a group of people who will be liking and following PV 2.

    So final call is yours. Vote in poll below. (We will only look at Yes and No % in order to determine whether to create new forum for PV 2 or no)

    Poll will be closed on Saturday, 11:59p.m. (IST)

    Do you want separate forum for Punar Vivah 1 and Punar Vivah 2?

    Doesn’t matter


    View Results

    Reference DTB

    Let me know what you Guys think/decide – ok.

    • MK
      May 23, 07:58

      I think if the two stays as one in this forum there will be conflict between fans and might get nasty. So it should separate. We can always go to PV 2 site and come back and compare amount ourselves without offending anyone. That’s ok if we don’t get new articles etc. it will be available in other shows page. This show has ended anyways, so rating would not matter at this point.
      Just for the reason of not offending pv2 fans with our comments, and keep conflict away it should be separate.

  8. ammara& agastaya
    May 22, 22:54 Reply

    very disappointed in the way they ended yash and arti scene i really wished they gave them a better send off

  9. Anu xD
    May 22, 22:35 Reply

    The sweet melody and meaningful tune and lyrics a song which always did and always will bring a smile to my face as the wonder thoughts of Arya warm my hear and your….in the beautiful moments of Gurmeet and Kratika, I bring to you Yeh Dil Hai’s English Translation!

    When our eyes meet,
    I don’t know why but my eyes just fall (can’t look into your eyes)
    When I start to walk,
    Don’t know why but my feet just stop’
    A request to my heartbeats,
    To tie me in a thread and take me away’

    Solving every problem,
    Leaving a sweet pain,
    Solving every problem,
    Leaving a sweet pain,
    Well, at last it is the heart
    It is the way of the heart’

    This is the the heart (3x)
    All the problems are of the heart
    This is the heart (3x)
    All the problems are of the heart’.

    Winds (air) and surroundings too
    Sometimes happy sometimes surprised
    The moments are young, but the time is sad’
    My hopes and desires are rising and floating around’
    My eyes speak to each other,
    “Tell me what love is'”

    Solving every problem,
    Leaving a sweet pain,
    Solving every problem,
    Leaving a sweet pain,
    Well, at last it is the way of the heart
    It is the heart’

    This is the heart (3x)
    All the problems are of the heart
    This is the heart (3x)
    All the problems are of the heart’.

    Sometime you please say it too
    That you need me too’
    I want you every moment
    I love you’
    Whenever I see someone,
    I only see your face’

    Solving every problem,
    Leaving a sweet pain,
    Solving every problem,
    Leaving a sweet pain,
    Well, at last it is the way of the heart
    It is the heart’

    This is the heart (3x)
    All the problems are of the heart
    This is the heart (3x)
    All the problems are of the heart’.

    Tell me why in the dark,
    That my life is going by,
    But now it is my real life’
    I will now go by the roads
    That you will show and join me on’

    Solving every problem,
    Leaving a sweet pain,
    Solving every problem,
    Leaving a sweet pain,
    Well, at last it is the way of the heart
    It is the heart’

    This is the heart (3x)
    All the problems are of the heart
    This is the heart (3x)
    All the problems are of the heart’.

    • miss unbelievable
      May 22, 22:39

      Dear Anu check the links I placed its beautifully awesome

      Got me teray eyes I wanna bawl

  10. Good night guys god bless
    Admins comments are part og your ranking system right?
    Please these comments are meant for the real pv,not this crap they showin now.

    • admin
      May 22, 22:34

      We don’t count comments to rank.. just views

  11. admin
    May 22, 22:02 Reply

    I can create new forum for PV 2 and don’t worry, we will leave this one on homepage as long as people are still discussing.

    Downside is there will be very few new articles/posts in PV1 as all news and updates will be on PV 2 from now, and PV 1 won’t be in weekly rankings either as we only rank on-air shows.

    So final call is yours.

    • Anu xD
      May 22, 22:37

      I don’t mind PV2 doesn’t interest me at all it can be on its own!

    • Suni
      May 22, 23:08

      Thank you Admin . It doesn’t matter to me . I am comfortable either way , but , the others have there views also .

    • Lenor
      May 22, 23:15

      Admin, this sounds fine. Need for the other PV Family to advise further, will let you know. Thanks.

    • MK
      May 23, 07:46

      I’m link with that. Sounds good

  12. Hey guys just checking in to say good night, Just now paid attention to the pics above.
    Who beat these people with d UGLY STICK? LMFA0!!!!
    First they got us angry,then sad, now they want to scare the crap out of us!
    Oh lawd mittals, allyuh dumb!

    • Suni
      May 22, 23:32

      Thank you MU .

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 22, 23:45

      welcomes im watching episode 32…the beginning of their wedding when arti wanted to runaway

      i need to subscribe to the punar vivah channel

      i still squeal in delight and i blush im so excited im like a kid at a candy store


      im smiling like an idiot

    • Miss Unbelievable
      May 22, 23:52

      you know looking back at these episodes KS aka Arti played a convincing widow. She looked like a widow refusing to move on with her stubborness and her resistance to be near Yash but eventually we all know she fell hard for our Yash-ji

      great actres

    • Lenor
      May 23, 00:01

      MU you looking at episode 32, now you’re making me feel like looking at it too.
      Hey but nice vm.

    • Suni
      May 23, 00:04

      MU , I watched today’s episode and I couldn’t help but feel that a hurricane had blown away our PV home and someone errected a temporary shelter for us ( like in Haiti ) called PV 2 . We have moved from a mansion and into a shack . Time will tell if the Mittals can ever rebuild .

  13. Lenor
    May 22, 20:06 Reply

    Good Evening all PV Family, just saw this comment on
    one of the PV fb pages …..
    “We are really Sorry we hurt your feeling and posted
    PV 2. That will not happen again .. We will only post
    things to do with PV 1 cast only. ~ Admins”

    • Amaica
      May 22, 21:20

      Hi Girls…Just read the WU for today’s show….very confusing and disappointing…don’t think I will look at the actual show at 10.30pm…instead I will retire to bed early for a change.
      Suni,Mk,Afreesh,Sj, MU,Lenor,Trinity,Blues,Pat and others do have a great day tomorrow…Bye.

    • MK
      May 22, 21:23

      Hi Amaica, Good night to you dear, now checking in myself.

    • Lenor
      May 22, 23:24

      Hi Amaica, good night and do have a great day tomorrow as well.

    • Suni
      May 22, 23:35

      Hi Amaica ({}) . Hope that you have a wonderful day tomorrow also .

  14. Suni
    May 22, 19:34 Reply

    I love your line Trinity LOL ” no class in this cast ” .
    The only way is upward for PV 2 ’cause there is no way for it to get worse .

    • MK
      May 22, 19:37

      Hehehe, you might be surprised when you think thing can’t get worse, it turns around on you and go down the drain. But lets see if they prove us wrong

    • Suni
      May 22, 19:50

      Remember MK , you said it yourself that I see the glass half full πŸ™‚ . I like to be grateful that I have water in the glass at least .
      Tell your daughter please that I like Siva kaneswaran . She is very young so I understand her liking the Jonas boy ,

    • MK
      May 22, 19:58

      ok will do dear. But she hasn’t got a clue about that siva person

    • MK
      May 22, 20:00

      oh now she knows, both of them jumping up yes yes we know we know, we like the band. Whatever that is I haven’t got a clue.

    • Suni
      May 22, 20:12

      Well I’m glad they know πŸ™‚ . The guy Siva is half Irish and half Sri Lankan .

    • MK
      May 22, 21:24

      Thank you my dear, my kids loving it more than me

    • MK
      May 22, 21:26

      well have to run them up to bed now.
      thanks dear, I hear the songs but never really listened.
      Thanks for that, I actually listened. lol

    • MK
      May 22, 21:27

      my daughter read your comment dear. she says she sees the glass half full too. Yeah right.

  15. Asya4ever
    May 22, 18:58 Reply

    hi mk dear . i have send d msg to ur fb pls check and Reply . thanks dear . good night and sweet dreams lots of love …

    • MK
      May 22, 19:11

      Ok will check

    • MK
      May 22, 19:33

      Not seeing your msg dear.

  16. Asya4ever
    May 22, 18:57 Reply

    hi mk dear . i have send d msg to ur fb pls check and Reply . thanks dear . good night and sweet dreams lots of love

  17. Anu xD
    May 22, 18:22 Reply

    Does anyone know the meaning of Yeh Dil Hai or Does anyone want to now???

    • Suni
      May 22, 18:26

      Thank you Anu . I looked it up a while ago , but it would be ok if you published it πŸ™‚

    • MK
      May 22, 18:49

      Yes ys please do. I think I know but please. My take is what is in you heart. Please post it.

  18. Anu xD
    May 22, 18:07 Reply

    Sustto let you know when I’m sad I listen to music and well since I all “tabankaing” over Punar Vivah I’m listening to Indian songs….

    So forgive this but

    Naino se yeh milkar naina, jaane kyun phir jhukh jaate hai,
    Naino se yeh milkar naina, jaane kyun phir jhukh jaate hai,
    Aage badhte hi kadam yeh jaane kyun phir ruk jaate hai,
    Dhadkano se hai guzarish, dor mein yeh baandh le jaaye humein
    Har uljhan ko sulhaaye, kasak meethi si de jaaye,
    Har uljhan ko sulhaaye, kasak meethi si de jaaye
    Aakhir dil hai naa…dil hai na…
    Yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai…sab iss dil ki ho toh mushkil hai
    Yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai…sab iss dil ki ho toh mushkil hai

    Hawayein bhi, fizayein bhi, kabhi khush hai kabhi hairaan.
    Jawaan hai pal, shauk hai ghadiya, uthe hai machal sab armaan
    Nazaron se kehti hai nazrein ishq hai kya samjhaaye humein?
    Har uljhan ko sulhaaye, kasak meethi si de jaaye
    Har uljhan ko sulhaaye, kasak meethi si de jaaye
    Aakhir dil hai naa…dil hai na…
    Yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai…sab iss dil ki ho toh mushkil hai
    Yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai…sab iss dil ki ho toh mushkil hai

    Kabhi tum bhi yeh kehdo na, tumko hai meri zaroorat.
    Mujhe har pal, chahte ho tum, mujhko tumse mahobbat
    Dekhoon ab toh koi surat, aap hi bas dikh jaayein humein
    Har uljhan ko sulhaaye, kasak meethi si de jaaye
    Har uljhan ko sulhaaye, kasak meethi si de jaaye
    Aakhir dil hai naa…dil hai na…
    Yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai…sab iss dil ki ho toh mushkil hai
    Yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai…sab iss dil ki ho toh mushkil hai

    Bataun kya andhero mein yun, katt rahi thi zindagi kaisi.
    Magar ab hai zindagi mein meri, roshni ik zindagi jaisi
    Unn raahon par chal denge hum, aap raahein jo dikhlaaye humein
    Har uljhan ko sulhaaye, kasak meethi si de jaaye
    Har uljhan ko sulhaaye, kasak meethi si de jaaye
    Aakhir dil hai naa…dil hai na…
    Yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai…sab iss dil ki ho toh mushkil hai
    Yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai, yeh dil hai…sab iss dil ki ho toh mushkil ha

  19. Suni
    May 22, 17:48 Reply

    β–Ί 3:39β–Ί 3:39
    May 4, 2013 – Uploaded by hrk541
    Lyrics on screen. … Linkin Park – In the end Official Video Lyrics … Linkin Park – Waiting for the End | Official Lyrics Video | FULL HD |by …

    I’m not sure how many of you guys appreciate Linkin Park .
    The lyrics of this song reminds me of the way we are all feeling at present .
    We all did our part as fans and supported PV 1 .
    We couldn’t do the duties of the writers , PH , nor the actors.
    We should all be proud of ourselves and our love for each other .
    PV 1 allowed us the opportunity to meet , and for that I am forever grateful .

    • Anu xD
      May 22, 17:58

      I for one do love this song and it relates well!

    • PAT
      May 22, 18:04

      Suni,,, my dear you are right……….. I said the same thing last week,, that it is show like PV1 that bring us strangers together to love and support each other in times of problems…………….. The love that I received from you ladies is more then I could say and for that,,,,,, am too is very much grateful,, and I hope we do continue to do that even though the show is off air……………..

    • agreed with you

      you mean Panic at the Disco:

      “I write sins not tragedies”

      Thats how we have to face it. ” Have you ever heard of closing the damn door…no its much better face these kind of things with a sense of poison reason and rationality

      Then the Ballad of Mona Lisa Smile

      That songs describe what the Mittals and certain crew members disloyalty did to us. We had to pay a price

      “its just a taste of what we paid for”

      thats what SJ Afreesh and Suni is doing and thats what Im tryna do

      Suni why are you bringing such dark moods of rock…Im going to go listen to some Nickleback : Far Away tribute to ARya and us

      Papa Roach: Forever

      Depicts all of us hardcore fans:

      “Because days come and go but my feelings for you are Forever…..One last kiss before I go, Dry your tears…its time to let you go…one more kiss before I go”

      That Kiss depicts one more happy scene of PV family members happily united

    • Suni
      May 22, 18:18

      MU my dear detective . Linkin Park does not sing dark moods of rock πŸ™‚ . There lyrics are conscious lyrics .
      In the end what matters is our friendship , nothing more , nothing less .
      What doesn’t break us will make us stronger .
      Love to you and Pat ( {}) ({}) .

    • Suni
      May 22, 18:27

      Panic! At The Disco – I write Sins Not Tragedies (Acoustic With Lyrics) – YouTube
      β–Ί 3:20β–Ί 3:20
      Feb 26, 2012 – Uploaded by tomanatior
      Panic! At The Disco – I write Sins Not Tragedies (Acoustic With Lyrics),

      Here MU , your song πŸ™‚ .

    • MK
      May 22, 18:51

      Well Suni dear, my children are big Linkin park fans, I played your link for them whenever you post it. PV course they always listening to the songs and says mom, we have it here, and shows me their phones lol

    • Suni
      May 22, 19:25

      What can I say MK . . . Your kids have great taste in music πŸ˜€ .
      Please tell your daughter that I think that the guys on The Wanted are way cuter than the Jonas Brothers .

    • MK
      May 22, 19:34

      Oh she says not nick. She has a major crush on him lol

  20. Ok the reason I asked for this is that I strongly believe PV2 has nothing to do with PV1, they only started their show with Arya to keep our interests

    Secondly I would like the Admin to create a PV Fan Page just like they created one for :

    Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon – Fan Page 1


    On that forum fans come talk meet and discuss anything to do with IPKKND and keep their friendships intact despite the fact that the show ended abruptly like PV

    So what I would request is for the Admin to do that for us

    I didnt mean to offend anyone. In truth you all know I enjoy your company opinions passion spirit and all that is good. You guys are my friends.

    Its just that everytime i read PV2 searching for our original cast I feel like they are throwing salt on my wounds. Like I said I was already forced to accept them ending PV I just wanted it to end on a glorious happy note thats all. I just want to protect my precious memories here with the PV discussions. There are times i skim back through the last forums and read the comments laughing and grinning like a besotted idiot. But everytime I see the new pictures…my soul gets irritated.

    Im done being upset with the Mittals im sure they know what their doing and why. Despite all the conflicts going on in the PH and behind the scenes they should have left their audiences with a good ending, so even though we were upset we would be happy with what we saw knowing in our hearts the ARYA crew and family leaved a great impression on their fans. And with this any new show in the future would attract the audience with a new storyline and not the stars alone.

    My real attractions to PV was the storyline which represents some sort of taboo tradition versus modernity and morality. Then Kratz due to her fierce Queen of Jansi role now to see her in a new avatar was great. Then the eye candy came along : GC who i didnt even know existed. Ansh took my heart with his character, and the rest of the characters who do represent reality in our society so yh….

    • MK
      May 22, 19:35

      Yes MU detective, if it will work like that then I say go for it. Lets hear from the others as well

    • Suni
      May 22, 20:43

      Great message from the heart MU πŸ™‚ .

    • Lenor
      May 22, 22:12

      MU, fantastic let’s see if it can also be done.

  21. MK
    May 22, 16:57 Reply

    Hi Suni dear, I read your reasons for loving PV, and I must say those were my reasons too. And to add, I liked the way all the characters were portrayed, there were no clown like characters. Of course there was Pratik being the loving little brother who gets along swell with his Bhabi s, what I also loved is the way every one dressed. Their choice of clothing jewelry, accessories hair styles etc. nothing eccentric or abnormal.
    I like how the men dressed, non of them had their pants below their butts and were always neat looking.
    They both the men and the women were always proper.
    They had status but never showed themselves to be pompous except for Suraj for a while. G3 wanted to be high handed but it was not at the forefront in doing so.

    There are so many more little things that made PV unique yaar. Just can’t see that in a y other fiction serials.

    I thought SSLP was one but that too went to the dogs.

    • Asya4ever
      May 22, 17:07

      great saying mk dear . i also loved sslk . but they killed the beauty of the show . so i quit Watching it long ago .

    • MK
      May 22, 17:11

      Me too dear.

    • Asya4ever
      May 22, 17:15

      Mk dear the only show i love right now is qh . hope they dont do the same to us . pv will be missed by all of us .

    • Suni
      May 22, 17:21

      Yeah Mk , PV had it all for a while , but in the end it didn’t even matter . It all came down , like the giant from the sky , in Jack’s story .

    • MK
      May 22, 17:32

      So true Suni.

    • Lenor
      May 22, 22:00

      Suni, I read your reasons for watching PV and I must say that you expressed my sentiments as well, could not have said it any better. MK also contributed by expanding on your feelings and I would like to add to this by saying that the relationships shared among family members were so different from other shows. Good communication among the brothers whether on life, business, personal, happiness, fun, sadness etc., they all shared it together, they are always there for one another.
      There’s a scene that comes to mind which I really liked, that is, the way Pratik and Pankaj looked after Palak and Payal in the beginning when the other family members were preparing for Yash and Pratik’s wedding and the children said they were bored since everyone was busy with the wedding and had no time for them. I found this scene was very heartwarming when both brothers picked them up in their arms and said they would take them to the mall. Yash came (looking so attractive – boy he toooo gooddddd lookingggg)and just smiled…Family love. Again, another scene comes to mind when Yash and Aarti got married both arrived at Scindhia’s mansion and Ansh was holding Aarti’s hand when he wanted to go to the bathroom. Pankaj came and picked up Ansh and took him and Ansh stayed with Pankaj.Those were really nice family scenes.
      The daughters-in-law are no exception, they also get along with each other, like Aarti and Vidhi teaching Paridhi to cook and sharing responsibilities and not showing any kind of jealousy or back-biting towards each other (unlike other shows).
      The brothers and their wives show only love for one another, no hatred or fighting over money or property like other shows.
      The mansion, decor, kitchen, garden everything in PV was perfect.
      If we sit and think about it, PV is really a first-class cut above the rest of shows that I have ever seen since Zeetvusa aired in Trinidad.
      I will keep saying that whatever Zeetv introduces in the future along the lines of shows, Punar Vivah will always by my NO. 1 show.
      Of course there are so many more things to say about this show.

    • Suni
      May 22, 23:23

      Agreed Lenor . There are many things to admire about PV . Afreesh had only asked my reasons for watching in the beginning so I didn’t describe any scene in detail . My favourites would be the bathroom scenes and how ArYa evolved at every level . When the writers got things right , they got things right . I have never seen such beautiful symbollism on any other show as I saw on
      PV .

    • Lenor
      May 23, 00:15

      Yea Suni you’re right. I got carried away because when I start I can’t stop since there are so so many beautiful and fantastic scenes with Yash and Aarti together.
      One of the things I liked about their romance is its suttleness and simplicity, it says alot. You see, I’m getting carried away again.
      You know Suni I like the way Yash holds Aarti and he has a way of turning her around to look at him; he does it with grace, so gentle and so smooth. I can’t seem to describe it but I think you get the jif.

  22. MK
    May 22, 16:50 Reply

    Hi Farzz, how are you dear. Hope you’re doing good. How’s the eyes coming along. Do visit your eye doctor and take treatment dear.

    • Asya4ever
      May 22, 16:53

      Hi mk dear . am good . and my eyes are better . how are u dear mk ?

    • MK
      May 22, 16:57

      I’m good, got problems with my eyes too. That’s why I thought of you. Got some meds to use.

    • Asya4ever
      May 22, 17:04

      Mk dear tc get well soon . i also use meds . really painful whey my eyes hurt

    • MK
      May 22, 17:07

      Take care of it my dear

    • Asya4ever
      May 22, 17:08

      Mk dear i will . u also take care . eyes are v.important

  23. Suni
    May 22, 16:45 Reply

    Hi everyone πŸ™‚ .
    I’m sorry Afreesh , I went out earlier and I thought that I would be back sooner .
    Message received dear , from our previous conversation . Thank you for being my voice of reason and wonderful friend .

    • Sj
      May 22, 16:48

      Hi Suni how are you this sohanlal amily in Bhopal is such a hideous family can not stand it
      No class so ever, may be this show is fr middle age people, hum can not stand it
      So that sit or ARYA
      I am so mad on actors how they ditch us

    • Suni
      May 22, 17:14

      SJ m dear , I am going to remain ever hopeful . I agree , the family is not what we are used to . But , we got burnt by a beautiful cast before .
      Let us see if the Mittals have any thing to offer us in the way of storyline . How will things unfold ??
      On the positive side , since they have started off with such uncouth characters , there is hope that we will see changes in their personalities For the better . I am still trying to figure out this PV2 . I am not sure for how long it is going to be able to hold my interest .

    • Suni
      May 22, 17:15

      Hi asya 4ever dear . Nice to see you πŸ™‚ .

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