Pyaar Ke Paapad 15th March 2019 Written Update

Pyaar Ke Paapad 15th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Pyaar Ke Paapad 15th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivika talking to the doctor. Doctor tells about Triloki’s gastric problems. He says that day it was a gas attack, not a heart attack. Shivika says you said… He says yes, because your dad was scared, I didn’t see such funny man, take care of his diet, he doesn’t need any medicines. Everyone looks at Triloki. He ends the prayers and blames Shivika. He says her marriage broke in mandap, how can her dad get a gas attack,I saved myself. Devki says you troubled me. He says no guy of Brahman community will accept her, but I did the arrangements, Banaras temple pujari is ready to marry her. He goes. Shivika says we were so worried for him, he doesn’t care for us. Devki says you are giving him a chance to hurt you, you should talk to Omkar once, he can change your dad’s

thinking, you aren’t running away, tell Omkar to talk to him once. Shivika thinks of Devki’s words and calls Omkar. She says I want to tell you something, I won’t be able to come today. He says I thought you will ask me to talk to your dad. She says no and ends call.
Jaya asks Nisha to help her in work. She scolds her for getting loss for her. She sends Nisha to kitchen. She gets money from Nisha’s bag. Nisha says I don’t have much money to pay for your loss. Jaya says I know. Omkar sees his brothers sad. Jagat says we got one invite, but we both wanted to go in the function. Mangal says it will be big loss, you manage our shop. Gupta says I will manage the shop, you go. Omkar says problem solved. Mangal says no, they can’t handle, we will come soon. He gives keys to Omkar. Shivika gets ready. Devki asks her to talk to Omkar. Shivika agrees. She gets Omkar’s message that he will be late today. Jagat and Mangal come to bank and sit there to know about Omkar’s lover. Omkar manages the shop. Shivika sees him and comes to the shop. She asks what are you doing here. Omkar signs Nandu to go. He says my brothers asked me to manage shop for some time, you should go to bank.

She gets annoyed. He says fine, come and tell me. She says I…. A man comes and asks Omkar to give constipation medicine. Shivika asks him to go to doctor. Omkar gives the churan. Omkar asks Nandu to go out and clean the place. He laughs and tells about the first time she came to shop. A lady comes and asks about the detergent. Shivika says we can’t talk here, we will talk in the bank. She goes and thinks to wait. Jagat asks guard will he come at this time. Guard says yes. Mangal asks you know about Omkar’s lover. Jagat asks who is the girl, Omkar loves someone. Mangal says yes, we want to know who is she. Guard says you would be knowing. Mangal says I know, do you know. Guard says no. Mangal says tell me if you know anything about the girl, call me. Jagat says we won’t know if the girl passes by. They leave. Shivika comes to bank. She waits for Omkar.

Omkar comes. Guard says congrats. Omkar says thanks and goes. Shivika asks why are you congratulating him. Guard says Omkar is marrying, his brother came to bank and told me. She gets puzzled. She leaves. Omkar looks for her. He comes to the ghat to meet her. She cleans the ghat. He says you are doing my work today, its good I got you here, you wanted to tell me something. She says its not needed now, you are going to get married. He clears the misunderstanding. He says I will just marry you. She cries and hugs him.

Omkar says I m going to talk to Trilokinath. GST says I won’t go to him. Shivika prays. Omkar looks for Triloki.

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