Pyaar Ke Paapad 4th March 2019 Written Update

Pyaar Ke Paapad 4th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Pyaar Ke Paapad 4th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shivika and Dolly thinking of arranging money. Omkar and GST come to doctor’s house. Omkar says number isn’t connecting. GST jumps over the wall. Shivika says boss is good, he gave money without asking, I have to return money to him. A man helps Devki and says we will spend on Triloki’s medical needs from temple trust. Devki thanks him. She asks Shalu to call Shivika and inform her. Jai says I have her phone. Devki asks him to call Dolly. Shalu says her phone is off. Some goons try to snatch Shivika’s bag. Shivika shouts when he runs away. The other goon asks him to help fast and then he will call his friend. Shivika says promise me, you will call that man back. She asks him to come back soon with his purse. He runs away dancing. Omkar tries to meet doctor. They run

out and get scared. Shivika thinks they are goons. She beats Omkar. GST runs away. She asks for her money.
Verma asks who is there. Shivika sees Omkar and says you. Dolly asks did you start robbing now. Verma asks why are you here Omkar. GST says we have come to take doctor. Shivika says come to hospital, my dad is serious. Omkar says I also came for calling doctor. Verma agrees. They go to the hospital. Shivika tells how thieves robbed her. She thanks him for helping her. Verma comes to treat Triloki. Shivika thanks the man for helping her. Verma checks Triloki and says you will be fine, its a gas attack. Triloki imagines everyone stopping him from eating well. He asks Verma not to tell anyone this, else it will be big trouble. Verma agrees and says patient for a minor attack, there is no need to have tension, take care of his diet.

Shivika asks Devki to go home, she will stay back. Devki asks Omkar to go home and take rest. Omkar says I m here, don’t worry, GST will drop you home. He asks Shivika not to take tension. He does the aid to her hand. Yeh moh moh ke….plays…. the men talk that they are husband and wife. Omkar and Shivika look on. He asks her about her marriage. He says its a personal question, sorry. She says my marriage broke. He asks how. She says let it be, I don’t want to talk about it again, but yes I was more afraid to lose my dad. He says my marriage was happening and stopped. He tells her everything. She laughs. She sleeps on his shoulders. She wakes up and thinks to go and meet her dad. He goes to Triloki.

Shivika doesn’t get the loan. Omkar learns the matter. Triloki creates a scene in the hospital. Shivika says I got one lakh credited to my account.

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