Pyaar Ke Paapad 8th March 2019 Written Update

Pyaar Ke Paapad 8th March 2019 Written Update by Amena

Pyaar Ke Paapad 8th March 2019 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Triloki scolding Gudiya and Puttu’s parents for not giving them good values. Shivika looks on. Triloki says love marriage of different caste people, its too bad. Omkar comes. GST asks Omkar to explain them, Triloki is stopping the marriage. Omkar stops them. He says marriage can happen, since girl, boy, parents, parents and Lord is there. They argue because of different caste. Omkar says I will tell you why this marriage can happen, Puttu and Gudiya are together since childhood, they won’t be happy if they don’t marry. He explains their parents how Puttu helps Gudiya’s parents and Gudiya helps Puttu’s family. He asks them not to think of different caste now, after marriage happens, they won’t change, they will always be in front of you, love is bigger than caste,

money, color, race, I request you to accept their love and bless them. Shivika says he is the one who can stand in front of your dad and change his thinking.
Triloki tries to stop them. Omkar says you should thank Triloki for calling you all here. He thanks Triloki. He asks Puttu and Gudiya not to marry without parents’ blessings. Their parents agree and thank Triloki. The marriage takes place. Triloki gets angry on Omkar and goes. Jaya steals some money and hides in a vase. Mishrain comes to argue with her. Jaya tries to send her and asks her to get her friends in backyard. Shivika thanks Lord. She also thanks Omkar and says I will give you a treat. He says then you have to give me treat every day. She laughs and says your love will also succeed. GST asks Omkar and Shivika to just come. Jaya gives a cylinder to a woman and sells it in black. Nisha sees this and hides.

Omkar and Shivika give their wishes to the newly weds. They get the party invite. Triloki gets angry thinking of the marriage incident. He scolds Shalu and Shivika. Shivika assures Shalu that she will get admission in the college she likes. Shivika and Omkar meet in the reception party. He says I didn’t remember bringing the gift. She laughs. Gudiya says we will also help in your marriage. Shivika says this gift is from both of us. GST dances and plays songs. Everyone dances. Omkar says I didn’t do anything, I think if your love is true, it will find a way to get fulfilled. Gudiya says Omkar is in love with Shivika. GST says everyone knows this, except me. He goes to see her face.

Omkar and Shivika get drunk. They dance on the road. She tells her big wish, love marriage. She comes home late. Triloki looks on.

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